Isle of Hope 275 years of Beauty

A couple of weekends ago Isle of Hope had it's 275th Anniversary they honored the island with a parade and local artist selling their work at the marina. If you would like to see some beautiful local paintings of coastal Savannah checkout Irene Sainz Mayo her work is fabulous. There was lots of wonderful music and a whole lot of good old fashion fellowship. The best part of the day to me was the history they shared about some of the beautiful homes on the bluff. It is such a special place I thought I would share it with each of you. So come on back for the rest of the week and see some of the wonderful homes and views of this bluff community.

Don't you just love that pumpkin!

The landscaping at all of the homes is spectacular

Pirates and treasure oh my...

A green castle now that sounds like my kinda place to play..

the view has changed a little but is equally as beautiful

Miss Lois and Shelby sporting around the island..

We love our military..

I love the old cars..

There was reenactment soldiers from Wormsole , Mr. Piggly Wiggly himself, horses and fireman..

lots of families.. Some had four generations together. Do you see the little guy in the blue shirt up there, he spied someone he knew in the crowd and was going to shoot them with a rubber band . It was a perfect October day in Savannah and I sure enjoyed spending the day with Miss Lois, my little sis, her daughters and her granddaughter Miss Lexie... if only I had thought to have someone take our picture.. It's Outdoor Wednesday over at Miss Susan's A Southern Daydreamer Won't cha come join the fun... bet there is lots of pumpkins being shown off today..

don't forget more homes tomorrow till then ya'll have a great day.
hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

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  1. Thx for stopping by my the photo of the old cars. I am one of your newest followers. I hope you follow me back. Thx and have a great week!

  2. My friend Anita Adair was in the parade in period dress on a yellow golf cart. Later she was DRIVING golf carts for tours but she shucked the dress, too hot.

  3. Lynn thank you for stopping by I sure enjoyed your blog.. Miss Nell Jean it is such a small world does you friend live at Isle of Hope or was she visiting ? I bet she had a blast scooting around on that golf

  4. My friend lives on Isle of Hope. The yellow golf cart she was on in the parade had 'Anita Adair, Mayor' on the front. She's not the mayor but they call her that because she's been there so long. I'm going to send her a link to your blog posts about Isle of Hope.

    I hope this is a link to pictures of the parade:

  5. Cherry, Fabulous, Wish I had been in town. Hugs, Ginger


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