It's Tybee Time

from the digital library of Georgia

I'm off to Tybee for the rest of the week with my girlfriends from Ohio. The weather is going to be perfect. Fun, sun and girlfriends it doesn't get any better..

heading to the beach reminded me that I had not shared a special gift I received for my birthday .. This old wooden bowl filled with dirty shells has been in my family forever.

I have asked Miss Lois for it at least a million times and she finally let me have it..

over the years things have been added to the bowl and things have disappeared. The bowl has sat on momma & daddy's front porch forever all the children have played in it. I'm sure the flo glow orange coral came out of an aquarium that my brother had. I love the rocks with the bright blue streaks running through them it looks like sapphires..

There is a lot of tiny shells, purple ones, shiny ones, turquoises ones and then there was the antique looking ones with soft browns and blue I think they are my favorite.

and there are these. The ones that I remember as a child the ones that belonged to my grandmother some of these are so smooth they feel like silk. They were always lined up on her front porch. Her home sat facing the inter coastal water ways in Brunswick, Georgia sitting on her porch you could hear and smell the water. We would watch shrimpers come and go from sun up to sun down. I can remember when summer would end and I had to go home I would always sneak one of the shells in my suitcase. Now I finally have what was left.. Maybe I will find something special to add to the bowl while I'm gone..

Have an awesome week everyone ... hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Cherry, how fun is Tybee? We have not been there in a long time. That is what happens when you vacation at your own house-you never go anywhere else. The weather is perfect now in Georgia as you know and the sky will be lovely over the ocean. hugs♥O

  2. What a delightful idea, the bowl...glad you finally have it on your porch..?

  3. oh what beautiful childhood memories! My childhood front yard was filled with nasty cactus,Ha! We went to California when I was 10 and saw the ocean, I thought we were visiting heaven!!


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