The real McCoy, Annie Sloan Chalk paint and daddy

Hey ya'll hope everyone had a great weekend lookie what I found this weekend

We have been cleaning out my daddy's old shop and these were buried in a corner covered in dirt .. They are McCoy flower pots 6 of them. The white ones haven't held up well but the others are perfect. They have been in his shop since my mother closed her florist in downtown Savannah over 35 years ago. The McCoy salesman would come around about once a month with a truck load of pottery. I remember begging momma to buy these I thought they were beautiful. That was long before McCoy became a collectors item. I think they are just as beautiful today as they were all those years ago.

My Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has arrived and I can't wait to get to painting. I'm just not sure what I want to paint first.. Thank you so much to Miss Virginia of The Southern Institute of Faux Finishing and her staff for being so helpful.

There is so many beautiful colors.. The color chart is hand painted ~ You can't get any better than that for color matching ..

As I was wondering around Saturday in my daddy's garden I found this pot of Confederate Jasmine. Tears welled up in my eyes immediately he had potted this up in the fall for me from cuttings off his gorgeous vines. Even though I have lots of jasmine myself he thought I needed more. Every year when the jasmine started to bloom he would call and let me know. I always made a point to stop by, we would sit in the swing talk about nothing while taking in all of that sweet, sweet jasmine fragrance .. Daddy your jasmine is full of buds and will be filling the air really soon with it's beautiful scents and I will be sitting in your swing thinking of you, missing you and trying to figure out where to plant another jasmine.. Sending kisses to heaven share them with bubba missing you both so much ..

If you are like me and love blogs that show off homes, gardens and things that they create you are going to enjoy this week in blogland it's time for the The 2011 Parade of Homes it begins tomorrow Monday April 4th.. It is hosted by Poppies at Play. Monday through Friday there will be 4 different bloggers per day sharing their homes with all of us then Saturday she is hosting a parade linky party. You can Link up a tour of your home, or one of your favorite rooms.. fun, fun, fun.. I'm sure you already read some of these great blogs like me but there are a couple here that I had not heard of so I can't wait to see what they share.


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Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. What a great list!.. thanks for sharing...

    love those old vintage pots too, great to have.

  2. I love McCoy pottery! These are very pretty. Sweet about the Jasmine Cherry....I'll check out some of the featured blogs this week.

  3. Beautiful McCoy pots Cherry, so glad you found them in such great shape. I also love Confederate Jasmine and, in fact, mine is blooming now... how sweet it is!

    BTW, when trying to use your links an error pops up saying "function disabled"; thought you'd like to know.

  4. What a sweet story about the Jasmine. Mine is full of rioting blooms right now and smells fabulous. Love the McCoy pottery! I recently found a McCoy pot like those in my gardening closet which was apparently left from the previous owners. Lucky me! I cannot wait to see what you do with your Chalk Paint.

    ~ Tracy

  5. Hi dropping in from the whimsical wife. I LOVE Annie Sloans chalk paint - just need to get some in australia!

  6. Faux Bamboo pots, what a find!

    I tend to take confederate jasmine for granted. I had DH take out some that was growing on a 10-foot stump. Turned out the jasmine was holding up the hollow stump instead of the other way around and the whole thing collapsed!

    You'll continue to find ties and memories of your Dad forever. Fifty years later, I'm still saying 'Daddy used to say....'

  7. What a sweet story about your dad and the jasmine. Love those McCoy planters,lucky you! They also are a great reminder to me of my Grandmother's flower shop! I do faux painting and have never heard of Chalk Paint, can't wait to see what you do with it and think I'll be googling it next!

  8. Cherry, I'm so glad you dropped by for my garden post (a day at the park with the grandkids)! I love your blog and you seem like such a sweet person! I'm really glad I dropped by and will be signing up to follow.

    My heart goes out to you about your father. Mine went to be with the Lord a little over a year ago.

    Love the chalk paint and the pottery! I'm working on learning a bit myself. :o)

    Beautiful photos!

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  9. Hi! Glad to find a blogger close to Statesboro! Love your McCoy flower pots! I just used my chalk paint today! I tried it on a chair, something easy to start with! Love it so far! I'm looking forward to seeing your project!


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