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Hi everybody I have been running around having myself a good time.. I got to spend Friday with one of my Best friend's Bobbie we spent the day downtown at the Savannah Garden Exposition it was a beautiful day. We had lunch at the world famous Pirates House. I ate fried green tomato's and a pimento cheese covered hamburger.. it was fab could eat another one right . We shopped and took in a lecture about Savannah's horticultural heritage. I'll share pictures later of the EXPO.. I got to spend Saturday with a new friend Miss Belinda we took off to Hilton Head looking for treasures and we found loads of great shops. April and Beth I can't wait to take ya'll over. Sunday was spent painting and planting double fun..

Chalk paint ~
I have had gobs of people stopping by to see what I have done with my Annie Sloan chalk paint so here goes .. No big whooping WOW 's like Miss Perfectly Imperfect, Miss Mustard Seeds or all the other fabulous bloggers out there playing with Miss Annie Sloan's Chalk paint.

The day I got my paint I jumped on this rattan desk I picked up a couple of years ago at the Jr. League thrift sale.. Having never painted furniture before or worked with wax I was a little apprehensive about how to do it even though this piece isn't anything of value it is a piece I really like and really wanted to paint.

Things didn't go as smooth as I was hoping.. I slapped the paint on fell madly in love .. 45 minutes later I had a crackled top ... A crackled finish wasn't what I was going for so I contacted Miss Virginia at Southern Institute of Faux Finishing who contacted Miss Annie herself only to find out no one knew why this happened.. The next day when I looked at the top again which is the only part that cracked I could see dark oily spots coming through the paint.. I had used Old English Spot cover on the top of this desk a while back and I am positive that is what was coming through the paint.. I sanded the top down repainted it only to have it happen again. Hell bent and determined to make this paint be all that I had dreamed it would be I sanded it again waxed it and then a few days later I repainted it. It turned out perfect the wax became like a sealer no more cracks or oily spots even after a week. Now my only problem is I really want it to be a bright lime So I am now awaiting my next order of Chalk paint from Mississippi and will hopefully have this piece repainted and back in our bedroom next week..

in the meantime here is a very heavy little piece I found this weekend at the Vintage Market in Bluffton, South Carolina time I saw it I knew I had to have it.

I painted it with Aubusson Blue and waxed it with Rustic wax even the metal handles. I was truly surprised at how well it took over the shiny metal.. I now have visions of a million things to paint..

here she is finished and in the living room.. I am madly, madly, madly in love with Annie Sloan's Chalk paint I see us spending a lot of time playing together ...

I also love The Hannant's Rustic Wax I used it on the coffee table hubby built me last week it made the table feel very soft and smooth and checkout my new $20.00 rag rug I picked up on Hilton Head Saturday it looks brand new. I also picked up the little pillow.

another side table waiting on her Annie transformation, a big mirror for $2.00 a cute little floral backpack for 2.00 .. The lamp I found here in town I love the shade it has a soft floral pattern on it. It has been a wonderful weekend I hope each of you had a great one too..

I know there is a lot of talk right now about the chalk paint If I could offer anything about chalk paint that I didn't know before hand it would be.. Order the paint chart first with maybe a basic color to play with. I ordered a wonderful kit that included paint brushes, wax brushes, 2 cans of paint, waxes, one of Annie's books and the hand painted color chart if I had not been so impatient and ordered the chart first I would have chosen different paint colors. All of the paint colors are beautiful but not all of the colors are going to work for you .. like I ordered Paris grey sure that it would be perfect but once I got it, it really doesn't work for me . No one has paid me or given me anything this is just my two cents worth on using the paint and as soon as my next order gets here which is ~ Astibes Green, Scandinavian Pink, Versailles and Graphite I will be sharing more of my two cents so ya'll come back now ya hear...

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Well I hope your order will hurry up, I need more information on this paint. Does it feel like chalk? I have been reading about this paint, wanted to know more, wouldn't ask just anyone...(no offense to anyone reading this comment) :)

  2. Hey! I am glad it finally worked for you! I love what you've done so far, and I can't wait to see your new colors! I originally ordered cream and versailles...but I wish I had ordered Duck Egg Blue and Old Ochre, great advice to get the color chart first!!

    Debbie (your new Statesboro blogger friend!):)

  3. Miss Darla it does feel like chalk but it isn't chalky, dusty, dry feeling.. Does that make Without the wax it drys down flat which is the look I want for some picture frames, adding the wax helps protect the piece and gives it a little shine. I have been playing/abusing the desk that I'm going to repaint just to see how tough the paint is and it's pretty tough. Hope that helps..please holler if you have any other questions I will be happy to help if I can.. The best part about this paint is it that you can paint over and over till you get the look you are looking for with very little effort.

    Good morning Debbie My new Statesboro blogger
    hugs ya'll

  4. I'm a big fan of Annies fabulous paint. It's like a dream come true, no prep needed and a great finish.

  5. Thanks for the post about Chalk Paint.

  6. I am working on a bench right now. I am beginning to apply a dark wax that the store sold me to put over the paint. How did you apply the wax? Did you let it dry and then buff it? Unsure of this process.

    Thanks so much,

  7. Liz I apply the wax in a thin layer wipe away any excess, allow to dry then buff with a soft cloth. Some pieces I have applied a couple of coats but make sure you allow it to dry and buff before you decide to apply the second coat. If applied to thick the wax will become sticky which I did have happen in the begining and had to wipe my piece back with a little mineral spirits. Hope that helps.. hugs, Cherry

  8. Cherry, Just a quick question-when you say you had to wipe it back with mineral spirits (it's my first attempt and it my wax is slightly sticky too!) did you just put a little on a cloth and drag across the piece? did you have to repaint? Thanks so much-love your blog! Cindy

  9. Sunshine ~ The wax will be a little sticky till it dries. Wait till it is completely dry before deciding if you need to wipe it back. I would try to buff it out first once it has completely dry which has taken up to 24 hours on some of my pieces in our humidity.

    I did put a little on a cloth and wipe back the heavy places and yes it did wipe off some of the paint but that was OK because that was sort of what I was going for on that piece. I reapplied a light layer of wax once I was sure all the mineral spirits was dry.
    Sure hope I helped and I would love to see your piece when you get it done.
    hugs & have fun, Cherry

  10. Cherry, thanks for the great post. Just thought I would tell you that there are several Stockists in your area. I am in Hilton Head located at Wexford Village. I sell all of the Annie products. If you ever are in my area stop by. I have several pieces on the floor. I would be happy to help you with any questions you might have. I know that the paint may be less expensive on line than it is in most stores. I do have a on line store.


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