One day, One day, One day

I'm going to have this kinda life ..

Oh to live the life of leisure.. and yes Carla this is that bad dog that peed all over my plants.. Have a fun Tuesday everyone ~ Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. I agree- wouldn't that be great?
    Sometimes, I feel like I am doing that when I can't think of what to write for my blog!

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  2. Nice and comfy looking...that dog wouldn't pee on your plants....:)

  3. Next thing ya know he'll be driving away in that thing!! LOL


  4. Oh, he's a handsome one! But I could see that handsome yellow devil doing that to your flowers, it still makes me giggle and smile!
    hugs, Carla

  5. I LOVE that dog that peed all over your plants.. what a happy looking dude!


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