Happy Birthday Momma

I love you with all my heart

and I'm loving driving in and out of our driveway right now cause it is

gorgeous ..

the Lady Banksia roses have been prettier this year than
 they have been in a long time and they smell fabulous.. 
I have been trying to spend as much time as possible
 outside enjoying them before they fade away.

The bridal wreath spirea's have also been beautiful
 actually every blooming thing around has been awesome this spring .

the white wisteria and snowball viburnums were loaded.. 
The weather here has been down right hot till this morning.. 
Call me a wimp it's 50 degrees I have the heater going and a pot of chilli on the stove ..

 her pictures are so beautiful. 
My Monday's always seem brighter after 
I visit with her and all the other beautiful blogger's..

I'm going to sneak this post into 
even though the rains have washed almost everyone of these blooms away.. 
It still looks pretty in the pictures ..

I received the sweetest email from my girlfriend April here's what she wrote ~

If you don't believe that Spring is here, 
then just pass your house and look at all the
 beautiful flowers and trees in bloom. .... IT IS AWESOME!
Thank you girlfriend love ya and Happy Birthday to youuu ....

hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. So gorgeous. They must smell heavenly. V

  2. I hope her Day is as wonderful as you can make it.

    My snowball viburnum had all the snowballs blown away by yesterday's storm. I did get to enjoy it in full bloom before they were taken away so abruptly.

  3. These are breath-taking...so beautiful. My Lady Banks Lutea has almost finished blooming, ()the white one has started, but it is not as robust or profuse as the yellow). And your spirea, magnificent. I would be driving in and out a lot too!(-:

    Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment.

  4. Oh, color me jealous. . .We could be stuck in snow coming into our driveway right now!
    What a beautiful sight!

  5. Simply beautiful! I want some of that in my yard!

  6. Oh, color me jealous too.... your yard is stunning!!! I'm seeing things I"ve never heard of before too!.. now I have to google them, I bet they aren't hardy up here in NEw England.... where it's STILL in the 40's by day, mind you.

    Jealous of your weather too... *sigh*

  7. Your spring garden is so beautiful, with gorgeous snow-white blooms and floral fragrance that fills the air. Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl and Many Happy Returns of the Day!

  8. Oh, I love all the blooms! Enjoy them while you can!

  9. My...the flowers are beautiful in Savannah!!!!

  10. You have some gorgeous white flowers! I love the wisteria

  11. White blossom just seem so dramatic and yet calming. I love white in the night garden and planned my backyard to have splashes of white to enjoy as we entertain in the evenings. Nice mosaics!

  12. Wow - what a gorgeous garden! I can appreciate all the work that goes into what you've created! love the bridal wreath spirea - one i have yet to plant in my own garden....your's is so pretty! Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's today. Great to have you participate and share the garden party with your friends! xoxo, Tracie

  13. That is so beautiful along your driveway. How nice to drive by and admire it everyday. By next week there will be even more. It is exciting for us gardeners this time of year. Hope you have a great weekend.

  14. Happy Birthday to your Mom....look at all these southern spring blooms here!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous.

  15. wow...they must smell fantastic! I can't wait to see the snow all gone...only a few feet to go!! lol
    Hope your mom has a wonderful birthday!
    It sure is pretty there in spring...you are so lucky!
    thanks for linking in this week...hope to see you again soon!

  16. So happy to discover your blog, after just coming back from a wonderful trip to SC and GA!!

  17. Cherry, Your gardens look fabulous! I especially love all the whites! Just stunning. Happy Spring!

  18. Calling by from Cottage Flora Thursday, it is good to meet you, I am loving exploring all these different gardens. Your roses are gorgeous and this post is a lovely tribute to your Mum.

  19. What a beautiful array of roses...my favorites..
    NO wonder you love to pull in your driveway! :)

  20. Happy bday to your Mama. Wow, what a lovely hideout you got in your garden. The flowers are impressive! My Fertilizer Friday

  21. Wow, gorgeous!!

    Stopping by from Tootsie's place for Fertilizer Friday. I shared my azaleas on my other non-food blog "My New 30."

  22. Hello Cherry, I found your blog at Tootsies. You have such beautiful flowers and I love how you've shown so many of them in your mosaics. I live in South Carolina and the azaleas are just beginning to bloom here. Come visit me at

  23. What wonderful gardens you have!!! I'm in love with the roses. 50 degrees sounds just about right for a bowl of chili as far as I am concerned. Loved visiting your blog.

  24. I also wanted to let you know that I am so sorry for the loss of your dad. You two looked so happy in the photo. Take care.

  25. Such a beautiful sight with those gorgeous roses, wisteria and all those flowers draping your fences! I wish I could smell them!

  26. Hi Cherry, the Lady Banks and Spirea are gorgeous. You have a lovely garden. I barely can get out of the yard long enough to blog these days. Thanks bunches for visiting me so often. hugs♥olive

  27. That certainly is a healthy lady banks rose! So pretty with your lorapetalum and spirea. Great combination! When my yard grows up, I hope it's as nice as yours!


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