Times up on the 10 in 10 challenge

here is my original list

1 ~ Finish staining sidewalk ~ Done and it turned out fabulous
2 ~ Finish desk and move into house ~ Done and I'm loving it
3 ~ Make a set of really cute tie backs for bedroom curtains ~ almost finished
4 ~ Finish April's birthday present ~ finished but I can't share because I haven't given it to her yet
5 ~ Celebrate Beth's birthday with her. didn't happen busy week for both of us.
6 ~ Finish that tray ~ Oh my my !!
7 ~ Take my vitamins and exercise everyday for at the very least 30 minutes ~ Done and feeling great !
8 ~Take down old drapery brackets, patch holes in living room walls talk hubby into painting ~ Done
9 ~ Paint birdhouses ~ one done 10 ~ Finish editing all of the family pictures that have been taken recently.. ~ Done


Tiebacks almost finished

no beach bungalows changed my mind . lol

Hubby got the living room painted .. The color is so pretty it is a pinky sand color.. Benjamin Moore Old Country .. and yes I am on the hunt for a great chair to use at the desk.

and last on my list was THE TRAY. Trying to get this tray finished turned out to be my biggest challenge of all .. The plan was to paint the tray then modge pod this really pretty liner paper that I have been saving for years to the bottom of the tray no biggie right. Paint turned out perfect I cut my paper had it just right then I thought .. Hey why don't you lightly burn the edges of the paper to give it just a little something extra.. So I hit the edge lightly with a flame and poooof it's gone. I didn't think about it being a scented piece of paper it was like throwing a match on a gasoline trail ...
Well that was fun ... dang it I loved that paper ! OK so move on... I decide to do a crackle finish. I applied Elmer's glue then added my top coat of paint moved the tray to an out of the way spot only to come back toooo ...

yes that is paw prints and yes there is a kitty in this house that has pretty blue silver paws which is why there is a doily covering the bottom of the tray !

I didn't finish all of my task but I had fun trying. This coming week I plan on finishing things up and starting a couple new projects.

Thank you so much Miss Gina for the challenge it was fun ! So how did the rest of you do ?

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Cherry! Thanks for the positive feedback! Your sidewalk project looks STUNNING with the faux brick!! LOVE that!!! :)

  2. You have one of those cats too? My male cat, who we recently had to say goodbye to at 18, was always walking through paint, getting tangled up in string and knocking things over. But I loved the big boy anyway!
    Your birdhouse is darling! The details are perfect. I especially love the sunflowers on the side and the cat in the window.
    Congrats on completing your challenge! I love your blog and will be back to visit often!

  3. Hi! Congrats on finish almost all your projects! :) RIP pretty paper.


  4. Great job on what you completed! I am sorry about your hardships with the tray but it turned out cute! Love the birdhouse too!

  5. I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award.

    Come by my site to pick it up!


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