Endings, new beginnings, tiny beauty queens, a baby doll's birthday & a dog named Obi

Yeah I know a crazy title .. lol
It has been a good kinda crazy around here since my last post

This beautiful man my hubby decided to leave his job of almost 25 years to venture out on his own. It was a really tough decision for him to make. He loved his job and everyone he worked with but after tossing around his thoughts for a couple of years he decided to go for it. I could not be more proud of him ..Roll Baby Roll as they say every ending is really just a new beginning!

pillowcase dresses and hair bows made by their aunt Jessica of Jessica's Craft Corner
Today is Finding Beauty Friday over at Dipity Road so I thought I would share some of the beauties in my life our little beauty queens .. We have 4 babies doing local pageants .. I haven't been to a pageant in about 30 years my how things have changed ..

Miss Abbigail ~ Wouldn't you love to wake up in the morning with a fresh face of make up on. Your toes & fingers painted and you didn't have to do a thing but sleep ..lol That is when my niece Ashley does all of this to Miss Abbigail .. Abbi loves showing you how pretty she looks. She is a girly girl for sure .. She just turned 2 ..lol

Miss Bailey ~ This little one had places to go and things to do. She was strutting her stuff in her adorable Tutu & hair bow that her aunt Jessica made her .

Miss Brayci ~ Miss personality she has some of the cuties facial expressions .

Miss Alexis ~ almost 1 and just about ready to let go of the couch and take off. At any minute she is going to be walking all over the place.

All of the babies did great it was fun watching them doing their thing but I have to say the pageant scene isn't for me.. I had serious thoughts about poking a few mom's in the eye .

Miss Bailey & her mommy both took a little nap while we waited .. lol

Miss Cassie turned 1 this week .. No kidding .. baby dolls have birthday's as I was informed by my niece Shelby so we had to make a cake, a party hat, a sign so everyone could find the party house and make a print using mint green paint of her tiny feet for her mother to have forever ..lol We had so much fun that day and Miss Shelby bakes an awesome chocolate cake ..

and finally we get to Obi ~ Obi is a 4 month old AUSTRIAN SHEPPARD that I am falling in love with and I am a kitty cat kinda girl .. A few weeks ago I was visiting with Obi he was so excited to see me. We had been tossing sticks and pine cones when he ran up to me stood up on his hind legs and was giving me all kinds of doggie kisses... When all of a sudden I felt something warm and wet running all over my feet ... The adorable Obi was peeing on me! I jumped out of my flip flops only to have said adorable doggie grab one of them and haul butt. ( Carla Anne I know you are laughing at me right now ) after a few minutes of begging he finally returned my shoe and I hobbled away to get cleaned up. Of course all was forgiving the moment I looked in to his big brown eyes .. that were laughing at me .. I know he was laughing .. hell I was screaming laughing ! This week I got to visit with Obi again his mom left me this super cute gift bag made by her and Obi with a really great bottle of wine from a local vineyard Shannon Vineyards along with a really cute note telling me thank you for letting him out and playing with him....
Here is what the
Note from his mom said ~ Obi is getting better about peeing on peoples shoes & legs ~ I haven't been hit for a few days ..lol ... Thank you M.
I giggle every time I look at the bag .. lol

Finding beauty around us really isn't hard just open your heart so your eyes can see ... Have a beautiful weekend everyone go checkout all the other wonderful bloggers sharing what they found to be beautiful this week .. Thank you Miss Claudia ..

If you have little girls in your life go checkout my niece Jessica's site she is making some really cute stuff .. Humm am I to old to wear a Tutu ????

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Thank you Aunt Cherry for the shout out to me and my business. This is one of my fav post you have done.. Too cute! The babies are all so sweet. I love ya always and you are a very beautiful person inside and out. Just knowing you makes me a better and more beautiful person. Thanx for all you do to make my life happier. Congrats to uncle Allen on his new adventure! Obi sounds like tons of fun! Hugs and Kisses from jessica
    (jessicas craft corner)

  2. Super beautiful post..images and words! What beauties!

  3. What Adorable Little Beauty Queens:) Ahhh to be that young again ....hahaha Each one is a Little Beauty!
    Just gotta love Obi!! Funny!!

    Thanks for stopping by & visiting.Thank you for the kind comment:)
    Have a Great weekend ~

  4. Beautiful Princesses surround you! Funny Obi story and Happy Birthday Doll Baby.

  5. Oh my... where to start... Okay, the Obi story had me laughing and I can just imagine the expression on your face at the first realization of what Obi was doing! The beauty queens are absolutely adorable! Aunt Jessica is very talented. Too bad I only have one little girl in my life who has two closets all her own and she is only 2! I tease my cousin about the little diva she is raising!

    A birthday for a doll... wow! But hey, any excuse for a party and cake! I am surrounded by boys so girly (little) things are a whole different world to me.

    Congratulations to your husband for taking the challenge and venturing out on his own. I pray that it is all he hopes it to be and that much more.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

    ~ Tracy

  6. Hi Cherry, you have a lovely blog. I enjoyed this post and laughed at your Obi story. I just love dogs and I can picture this all happening too. I wish your hubby the best luck at his new adventure. Your princesses are all adorable. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Delightful to catch up on your rich life, Cherry. Good luck to all!


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