What to do when it's a 102 ?

Head to the interactive fountain downtown in Ellis square to watch Miss Lexie play ..

To watch Miss Lexie run ~ yep Miss Lexie went from almost walking to catch me if you can !

it was so much fun watching her and her aunt Shelby playing in the fountain. There was children from all over the world all enjoying nothing more than the sight and feel of the cool water dancing all around them .

Come on aunt Shelby the water feels good

see that was fun !

woohoo it got us again

Ellis Square is one of the original squares and was historically the site of the City Market. In 1954 the old City Market building was torn down and replaced by a parking garage in an attempt to encourage more downtown shopping. The parking garage was recently torn down and replaced by an underground parking structure . This provided the opportunity to restore a public square at ground level above the parking structure. The interactive fountain, a visitor center, restrooms and seating areas have been added to the park. Some of you may remember me posting about the City moving Live oaks to this park back in April 2009 well I can say those oaks provide some much needed shade for this gal Sunday afternoon and they make the park look as if it has been there forever.

and after a full day of fun the girls fell sound asleep right in the middle of my bed ..lol

Stay cool and have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. That looks like so much fun to watch that little one play. I bet she is all over the place now. Such a cutie.

  2. What fun! I saw some children playing in a fountain the other day and it looked like so much fun! The girls look so adorable all cuddled up together.

    ~ Tracy

  3. Hi Cherry,

    Sweet baby! I bet she loved it!

  4. Interesting...the girls are so cute, playing and sleeping!!


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