Our first Garden show for 2010

Woohoo finally something to get the juices flowing again ..lol
January was way to long, cold and wet.. and this girl was glad to see it move on.. maybe February will bring warm sunshine back to Georgia.

How about that glow ball OK don't really know it's proper name but to me it's a glow ball and I want one .. it is made of glass with mini white Christmas lights inside. It looked pretty in the lighted building andI bet it is gorgeous in a flowerbed at night..

It is available at Savannah's Secret Gardens and I do believe I might just have to get over there and buy myself a present for enduring such a yucky January .. lol

I have been helping build a blog for Savannah Secret Gardens and it is starting to look really nice so I thought I would share it, but remember I'm still working on it and I'm not a professional just a friend that's trying to get free plants.. lol .. go check it out and tell me what you think.

and just for fun ... fill a toe sock with some shredded paper and Catnip and watch the kitty's get pissed at each other ..lol.. I had to make one for each so Miss Pris would quit beating up Lt. man every time he walked past her .. lol

Have a fantastic Thursday ya'll
hugs, Cherry


  1. The Secret Garden is beautiful! Is that a special exhibit or does it look like that all the time?

    Oh...thanks for the public service warning about the frozen garlic smell. Yech. No need to send out samples. I'll definitely take your word for it.

  2. A beautiful display and the cats look like they are pretty thrilled with their catnip toys!


  3. Cherry! Our big Philly Flower Show is in a few weeks...I'm dying to go! Did you buy plants/flowers? So cute the sock idea for the kitties! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Happy to see February is agreeing with you :)

  5. Hi Miss Cherry you are very jolly with spring in the air; but then who wouldn't? Would love to go into this shop and get some new garden toys! Yes, I think the glitzy ball would suit my garden too.
    My Plants would look mysterious at night.
    I do that for my dog Billy, fill up old socks, usually he makes short shrift of the socks.


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