Icicles in the south

Icicles hang from the decorative greenery and the trumpeters on the fountain in Forsyth Park Wednesday morning as the temperature dropped below freezing.
(John Carrington/Savannah Morning News)

yep that's a surfboard ..lol

These were taken down in Brunswick, Ga by my nieces cousin .. a little chilly looking don't ya think .. lol. Last week was a very long cold week and I for one am so glad to see we are on our way into the 50's today. Even though the sun has been shining like crazy I don't do cold .. lol

I have no doubt that we have lost a lot of plants this past week but I bet them dang mosquitoes and gnats will be back shortly ..lol

Have ya'll ever smelled frozen Society Garlic it is horrible ..

Hope everyone has a warm and cozy day !
hugs ya'll, Cherry


  1. Great shots! There was a news story about a town that had planted Society Garlic in the town center and now with the freezing temps everyone is upset with the 'fragrance'.

  2. There is just something wrong with icicle pictures from Savannah. It is pretty but oh, so wrong Cherry. LOL!

  3. Wow! I love all the icicles and the photo of your cosy looking purr baby! Your poor plants. I'm trying not to think about the ones I've probably lost this winter.

    RO :o)

  4. Cherry,
    Not what you would expect down there! Garlic did not know it stinks when it rots.

    We were curling and skating on a pond yesterday in Durham, NC not our normal fare either.

  5. Beautiful, I hope the fountains, statues were not damaged.

  6. Love seeing your great pictures. Ice is pretty even though destructive. What's worse than frozen garlic? frozen kale. Whew!

  7. Wow ... fabulous photos! Some lovely icy scenes ... but I wouldn't want to be there when it all melts!

  8. Oh Cherry that is COLD!!!! BRRRR!!! To cold for Savanah! You stay warm!

  9. I'm familiar with Forsyth Park - but not covered with ice! Those images are stunning.
    I'm with the cat, though, I'm just sleeping through the whole mess!

  10. Very nice collages...very cold too. I'm so curious to see what plants survive this unusally cold spell we are experiencing!

  11. Ice....both beautiful and wicked. The ice and surfboard make for an interesting combination. Hope you have thawed out by now.


  12. Amazing pictures! It's cold all over it seems... who said there was global warming?

  13. It makes me cold to just look at your photos! At least you got the golden opportunity to take some fascinating pics. Perhaps once-in-a-lifetime, even.

  14. WHOA -- THAT is Savannah? Oh my! I hope your garden comes through okay.

    I managed to miss the frigid temps here while we were on vacation. Probably a good thing as the garden looks horrible! I think I may have lost a lot of my plants.


  15. Always love to see icicles on Forsythe Fountain! Photos are just great.

  16. AMAZING icicles! I haven't seen those in person in years! I think it might be time to go to the snow this year!

  17. G'morn, Cherry ~
    What exquisite pictures captured ... it does get cold in GA occasionally.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  18. That looks like white spanish moss coming down from the tree!

    Society Garlic is always stinky; I'm not sure what "society" it is supposed to be best in, LOL! I had some in my front yard at my last house; I even planted it! Eventually I ripped it out!


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