Cool stuff or junk

Have you ever just gotten in the car and drove around looking for cool stuff ?
Well that's what my gal Beth and I got to do a week or so ago ..

One minute we were having our morning yacking and coffee session on the phone and the next we were heading out of town looking for nothing more than sharing the day together .. When all of a sudden we see this sign !!

and this funny little guy made from old shovels and golf balls

and then the adorable tree stumps painted yellow with boots

an old Studebaker and this Ford truck

and this cute guy with his welcoming wave ..

turns out this place was a jewelery store ... lol

We did find a few thrift stores and a Goodwill along the way and shared a big piece of upside down German chocolate cake which was wonderful .. So wishing I had a piece right now ..

I brought home a really pretty silver bowl and some other stuff including the giant coffee table which I think I have plans for funny how those treasures turn into ... OH no did I haul junk home again after a few days ...

So I guess this is a ... Too be continued post .. I'll let ya'll know if these stuff ends up back at a Goodwill or not.. lol

Have a wonderful Thursday
hugs ya'll, Cherry


  1. Definitely COOL!! NOT JUNK!!!! Nothing is junk to me! I can re-purpose anything!

  2. Oh what fun. Yes one persons junk is another persons cool.

  3. I vote COOL COOL COOL!!! there is no junk here!!! great post...wonderful finds!

  4. Cherry - I like the tin man, the little bird and the household items.

    Your blog took a really long time to load -- several minutes. For awhile, I couldn't read the text as it was showing up dark blue on a dark gray background.

  5. What fun, I love the sign! super

  6. I absolutely LOVE places like that! It's definitely cool stuff! :)

  7. Well... makes for interesting yard art.

  8. before u send it to goodwill... think about me... I love the table and the basket... lol!


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