A few Blossoms & ugly floors be gone !

White butterfly ginger

There is nothing like the fragrance of ginger. Some compare it to gardenias but for me it is a softer fragrance, it is one of those flowers that I could never get enough of.

Evergreen WisteriaEvergreen Wisteria is an evergreen twining vine native to S. China and Taiwan. This vine has leathery dark green compound leaves the flowers are pea-like and a beautiful deep magenta red color. This flowering vine can get 3-6' tall and works great for a trellis.
Mine is at least 15' up these trees

White Mandevilla
This is the first year that my mandevilla's have done well they are climbing everywhere.
We are so wet it has rained everyday for weeks and not just rain but heavy rains with that up close really loud lightning, power outages just about the time I try to get on here and play and lots of limbs down. Everything is saturated.. We have had almost 10" in the last 12 days .The weeds are butt high and the flowers are rotting so I am calling the summer of 2009 a washout !

Messy House !!

Ugly floor be gone !! We couldn't live with the ugly floors any longer .. So we are now installing some really pretty Faux Heritage Pine wood flooring and the house is once again a big mess..

Everywhere I look there is stuff .. furniture on top of furniture piles of paint chips in almost every room. Unfinished craft projects lamp, tassels, bamboo curtain rods, bedding and I just notice there is still Christmas potpourri in my kitchen makes me wonder if I will every finish ..

Oh well ... Maybe next week .. lol
have a beautiful day ya'll
hugs, Cherry


  1. Hi Cherry! I can't believe your ginger lilies are blooming already! Mine never bloom until September even though I am in in Georgia, too! Aren't they wonderful? You are right...there is no fragrance like them! Do you have hummingbird moths thay come to feed at them? Amazing! Mine come at dusk. I wait for them every year! I enjoyed a sneak peek at the lilies!...Debbie

  2. It looks great! We got laminate floors last year and it made the biggest difference!

  3. I love the "newer" floor! My Ginger is blooming too! It is such a heavenly smell

  4. Hi Cherry, Your house will look beautiful when finished. I have wooden flooring in my hallway and it looks so spacious and so easy to keep clean, I just wish I could have it in other rooms as well.
    Your flowers look so pretty. I have never heard of Ginger Lillies !
    maureen xx

  5. Lovely flowers. Believe me your house is not messier than mine right now...I'm slinging paint everywhere!!

  6. Hi Cherry! Your flowers are gorgeous! I'm finally making it to Savannah on August 16. In your opinion, what is the Catherine Ward House like in Savannah? My husband surprised me and selected it for us! Would love to know your thoughts! Have a great day! :) ~CC Catherine

  7. I love the Ginger, yours is way ahead of mine!!

  8. sure!!!! everyones mandevilla blooms but mine!!!!

  9. I love wood floors, and sure miss that one thing from my old house. Okay, two things if you count my old garden! Love that deep magenta wisteria. Fabulous.

  10. I love the wisteria! It is one of my favorite climbing vines. THey are so elegant and beautiful! How fun to get a new floor, too! The "mess" will be worth it! Enjoy!


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