Drop cloths, bamboo and spray paint kinda weekend

I Finally found time this weekend to finish up some of the bedroom projects. The first one is my absolute favorite Drop cloth drapes ... I first read about these at Gracious Southern Living Miss Judy's blog . I then did a Google search and was amazed at some of the fabulous things being done with drop cloths, even found a great tutorial at The Coastal Nest Blog .
I bought some from Lowes and Walmart. I prefer the Walmart ones they are hemmed on all 4 sides and after a couple of washing they become nice and soft. Our windows are 6Ft long so I used the 6 X 9 cloths I wasn't sure if I wanted to puddle them on the floor or to cut and hem but as soon as I hung them I knew I wanted to pull them up and fluff them.

I have made tassels that I'm going to try to sneak on them it seems the kitty's find them to be loads of fun to slap around.. The rods are bamboo that the hubby cut from the back yard. I let it dry out for about a month then I strain them ~ I say them because I am going to use them in the living room also. I bought the rings, clips and the hanger thingies from lowe's. The rings come 7 to a box but I wanted the drapes to have more pleats so I bought extra's and after lots of ups & downs on the ladder I settled on 9 rings per panel .

I can't tell ya'll how impressed I am with the way these turned out our home is 21 years old my mother made all the drapes when we first built and for 21 years those drapes hung with just the occasional vacuuming how liberating to know I can unclip throw in the wash and rehang in a matter of hours ... Now to decide if I want to do a little something to the ends of the bamboo maybe a shell ? or not ?

The floor is finished except for a little molding they turned out perfect! I think we are heading down the hall next then on to the living room.

I also freshen up this wicker chair with a little white spray paint then covered the cushions with more drop cloth. I have been wondering about spray painting fabric so I gave it a try. I laid fern fronds on the cushions then lightly sprayed with a paint called Sesame Shimmer it is a beautiful color even though it really doesn't show well in the pictures. I think I might like to try again with some star fish instead of the ferns.
The fronds turned out really pretty and would look great in a wreath. This paint color would be great for Christmas decorating one way it looks silver then the other it looks gold.
It is so much fun when things start coming together .

Another rainy weekend and it looks like more is on the way .. I am so over the rain !!!
Hope Monday is good to ya I'm off to play with my hot glue gun ..
hugs, Cherry


  1. Get out of here!! Never in a million years would I have thought of this wonderful idea!!!!!!Looks fantastic..makes my little projects look like crap!

  2. You are talented! Love what you've done with your skills and decorating ideas. That spray paint idea is so amazing!


  3. cool idea of using the bamboo is such way, i am also from the bamboo home decor , such using of the bamboo makes it like an art products ;)

  4. Very cool ideas you have there, Cherry! The chair turned out great and I love the window coverings. I am off to go check out the links you provided!~

  5. Cherry, I love your chair. It turned out so pretty. What a wonderful idea. The room is really looking gorgeous.

  6. Hey Thanks so much for coming by my blog and becoming a follower. I just became a follower of your.
    You might look into adding the feeds to your site. You can see who has done an update and click on those to read instead of having to go through each one on your blog list. If you didn't click on mine you might want to -- it makes life so easy.
    You drop cloth curtain look nice. Have you thought about shortening the length of the bamboo and seeing of there are any finials you might like on the ends?

  7. I love the look of the drop cloth curtains!! I thought they would look cheap, but they look beautiful!

  8. Well Aunt Cherry you did it again... You made me think you are the neatest coolest person on this earth! I love you and all of your wonderful ideas. You make me want to pull down curtains and redo my room. My dream is to live in a paridise like yours one day! You have truly made your house a loving, warm and inviting home... Keep up the wonderul and exciting work... luv your jess

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  10. Wow, those really are great curtains! And frugal too, especially when you use your own bamboo. Aren't you clever?


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