Happy Birthday Cricket

dang you sure were a cute kid ... lol
I love the picture of us with mom and daddy on granny's front porch you were adorable and I look so 70's ... and the one of us on Easter morning in our dresses momma made for us, you look so prim and proper I bet you destroyed the dress or shoes before dark.. Can you tell I'm wearing pantyhose with those sandals .. I still have the pocketbook that she crochet to go with my dress.. and how about that one of you and Allen .. just how long are those jeans hey!! those are mine ..lol

Putting this together brought back such beautiful memories ... you were a brat !! Always tagging along, messing with my stuff, getting me into trouble, never cleaning your half of the room, always disappearing when it came time to clean the kitchen ... etc ...etc...etc...
and here you are now all grown up with grand babies and you're still a brat but your my brat and I love you bunches !!!

Happy birthday little sis sending lots of birthday wishes your way .
hugs from your big sis Cherry


  1. Fun photos Cherry! Ah, the 70's what style, what panache!

  2. Cherry, that is so nice.thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Cherry, what a cute Birthday post for your baby sister! Great memories in that colage, I'm sure! Funny how the clothes can really date you..haha!


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