Got to have and I can't find them !!

Yellow Stokesia 'Mary Gregory '

I stopped by our Botanical garden after a yucky morning at the dentist this week and found this yellow Stokesia blooming .. My mind was whirling with thoughts about how beautiful it would be along side my blue stokesia. There was no one there at the time so when I got home I called the gardens and the lady that answered told me she had never seen a yellow one .... So I told her to walk out her back door and look left .. She got all excited when she saw it .. She took my phone number and I'm hoping that someone will call me back to tell me where I can get a piece from.
I have called every nursery in town and no one knows anything about it ..

I keep thinking I was the only person around I should have pinched a little piece ya'll know those stolen pieces always grow better then anything you pay for.. lol

A few things that were in bloom at the gardens .. it was high noon when I got there and very hot so it wasn't idea picture taking time but it was fun to see everything plus I brought my lunch and enjoyed the birds singing while I ate.

Hydrangea ' Fuji Waterfall '

Oh my goodness this was stunning

My friends at Savannah Secret Gardens have this and I will be picking one up it is beautiful !!! Soft, frilly with that light hint of pink got to have one

I have lots more to share but got to run for now
ya'll have a fun day
hugs, Cherry


  1. I love that hydrangea! I have never seen it before. It sounds like you turned your day around nicely!

  2. I have the Fji Waterfall, it is on my blog today as well :)

    Here is your stokesia

  3. Beautiful flowers in the collage Cherry. Love the Fuji Waterfall. I hope you get your plant - looks like DP just found it for ya so you're in luck. I hate when ya gotta have one and it is nowhere to be found.

  4. has the yellow stokesia. I have ordered from them and everything arrived in great shape and is still alive. I love that fuji waterfall.

  5. Hey Cherry,

    Please stop by my blog I have an award for you.

  6. I have seen the Fuji Waterfalls and think it is gorgeous! Great photos. Have you checked online for that pretty yellow Stokesia? haha just saw DirtPrincess found it for you. :-)

  7. Cherry, I haven't visited for a while and I am the loser ! as your blog is inspirational and your garden and it's flowers lovely.

    I have just read your tribute to your dear brother, what a tear jerker! my condolences for your loss. Do you have a plant in his memory in your garden ?

    I hope you find a piece of that beautiful plant you are hankering over.
    Love to you, your family and your brothers wife and children.

  8. Thank you so much Miss DP and Miss Teresa for both sites. I would love to find it locally to have RIGHT NOW but can't so I will have to get some ordered.

    DP has the fuji waterfall I'm so jealous

    Thank you Miss Cathy that was so sweet.

    Miss Maureen Thank you for the kind words my brother was one of a kind and I mess him madly.

    Thank ya'll for stopping by I will post pic's as soon as I get my
    hugs, Cherry

  9. Call her back!! Maybe she will share a piece of the yellow with you...

  10. Very pretty. I think you could have 'borrowed' a small snippet.

  11. I've never seen fiji waterfall before. It's lovely. -Jackie


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