Happy Cinco de Mayo ya'll

Good morning everyone I have been a busy girl and any extra time has been spent outside so this is a cover everything that's been going on for the last few days kinda post ! First the roses are starting to bloom. I have my first daylily blooms the hubby built a new home for my swing in the back yard and completed another section of the deck one more small section and it will be finished woohoo !!! I hit some yard sales Saturday and found some cute items including a lace table cloth that I tossed over the front porch swing some lace ~ ruffly pillow shams that I covered the rocker cushions with,I pressure washed the side walk and the driveway now they are so pretty and white ... my arms are so mad at me !!!

The hammock finally got hung and has become the place of choice for sunning lizards ... oh well maybe they will share if I get a moment to slow down and lay in it .. lol

The Confederate Jasmine is blooming everywhere it smells fabulous when you walk outside.

and I received my order from Prairieland Herbs I love everything !!
I'm not sure what my favorite item is because it's all great but I can tell you I'm having a lot of fun with a shaving soap called Gorgeous Gams .. My legs feel awesome !! My hubby keeps rubbing them and then early yesterday morning will riding down the road I made Miss Beth rub them and of course she thought I had lost my mind ... lol ... but is now a huge fan of my Gams ..
hummmm I wonder if I can get Miss Lois to rub my gams today : )

Have a fantastic day ya'll I'm off to spend the afternoon with my parents maybe I can get daddy to whip up something yummy for lunch...

Hugs, Cherry
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  1. Everything looks great! I love the shots. The porch looks nice and cozy. We could sit out there, have a glass of sweet tea and talk garden!

  2. Happy Cinco de Mayo to you! The garden looks lovely!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous porch and garden pics - just need margaritas (Cinco de Mayo) and conversation for a lovely time on the delightful porch :-)

  4. Very pretty roses Cherry. The top one looks like 4th of July? Happy Cinco de Mayo to you..

  5. The Confederate Jasmine is beautiful! I've never seen that before...I'm wondering if it would grow well in Wisconsin...I will have to look into it.

  6. You have been one busy girl! I may have to try the gam stuff!

  7. Everything looks lovely. How pretty.


  8. Hi Cherry, looks like you are all ready for the summer. The white roses are beautiful. Btw, those lizards... they look scary to me :-)

  9. I would so love to share a glass of sweet tea and sit a spell on your porch...that swing looks so comfy. Your flowers look so beautiful I can smell them in Missouri. ;)

  10. I'll bet that Confederate Jasmine does smell like heaven. I'd be tempted to crawl in the hammock and spend the day smelling the jasmine!

  11. Hi Cherry, a little in my visit but I had to comment on your first daylily blooms! That's a pretty yellow, any idea on the cultivar? She looks great with the red blooms in back. I'm anxious for my first daylily to bloom :)


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