56 years ago

Happy Anniversary Momma & Daddy
We love you both with all our hearts

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  1. What great photos of your parents, it's a great thing when your parents are married for many years, like my parents will celebrate their 45th anniversary this November. Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  2. Wonderful! Happy Anniversary to your folks.

  3. Don't you love 1950 wedding pics? My parents were married in 1957. The full tea length and ballerina length dresses are so cute.

  4. What a great picture of your folks! Happy Anniversary to them!

  5. Tell your parents congratulations - that is so wonderful! I love old pictures.
    I just saw you comment somewhere this morning and thought I need to go see Cherry - and who showed up at my place? I just haven't been getting around like I should be - tried a system and it 'sort' of worked but not perfect or I'd be here more often! I better work on that!!!
    I have a little tiny anniversary coming in 2 days - never thought I'd make it to 26 since I married Bob a bit late.


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