Happy May Day 2013

 Baptisia australis blue false indigo
Are you dancing around the May Pole this morning
No I won't be dancing around the May Pole 
but maybe I will put together a few May baskets of flowers

 Chinese Snowball Viburnum
everything is starting to bloom and looking pretty here at the house

My first Niobe Clematis

Thunbergia Sunny Susie
 which is going to take over the world with it's sunny self

Thunbergia battiscombei
one of my favorites 
Aloe Vera

English Dogwood, Mock Orange
 One of the last blooms it was beautiful this year

I so wish the false indigo would last longer

and the snowballs would stay year around.
yes I'm thinking some May baskets would be nice..
I hope May brings each of you lots of
beautiful days filled with wonderful things.
Happy May hugs, Cherry

I am joining Miss Tracie of Fishtail Cottage at her garden party
come see all the pretties being shared.


  1. Just gorgeous! Your aloe blooms are amazing! Is it hardy in South Georgia?

    1. Karin that clump of Aloe has been there for at least 10 years it gets a little protection from the fence but that's it..

  2. You have me in the gardening mode now that I've perused your garden! I have 3 new large pots to fill and yesterday was pay day! :)

    1. Di ya got any cash left..lol hope you had fun.. hugs girlfriend

  3. So all of these are in bloom in your yard??? Love all the flowers!! I'm behind and need to get planting this weekend!

  4. Pretty flowers as always..I'm really going to miss my snowball bush..

  5. This a wonderful post! I love it all... the snowball are great and a favorite of mine...
    We are all suffering from bad weather here in Latvia.

    1. Hope your weather is getting better Miss Sandra it has been nonstop rain here for 3 days and I'm over it..lol

  6. gorgeous series of blooms

  7. So that's aloe vera??? I was thinking it was a plump, long trianglar leaf with spikes running along the edge? Didn't know it had a flower!!!
    The roses are beautiful on your other post are lovely!! My favorite is Mr. Lincoln.
    Interesting English dogwood. That's new to me!

  8. so many beautiful plants you shared - I love how cheerful that sunny susie is! thank you for sharing not only the party with your friends but for linking up to the party over here at Fishtail Cottage! i'm looking forward to it again next week! xoxo, tracie


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