Fried green maters are on the menu for supper tonight

So we had this little storm that was suppose to come through here over the weekend name Beryl. 
She got the forecasters all excited.  There was talk of high winds and massive amounts of rain.. 
So we did what we always do. Picked up things that could blow around and sat on the back porch to wait on the rain ...  We waited... and waited and waited some more... it finally showed up Tuesday morning with lots of beneficial rain and then we got a little more rain last night. Everything has jumped up and is looking so pretty.. Beryl brought no damage other than a few downed limbs or so I thought ... till I found these
My perfect mators had been ripped
 from their cozy little home... 
Now I love fried green tomatoes
 as much as the next southern girl 
I just don't want it to be my tomatoes that are being fried!! 

I want my maters to grow till they are about to burst with juicy goodness. 
I want them to be warm from the sun and I want them between two slices of bread covered with mayo and fresh ground black pepper... 
There is no need for anything else..
Oh well, guess I will have to wait a little longer 
for that mator sandwich but tonight we will be eating our first tomatoes of the season
 and that is always a treat ..

See my pretty new crock
 I picked up a few weeks ago at a yard sale. 
It's stamped on the bottom Marshall Pottery ~ Texas  which I had never heard of before but in reading their web site the pottery has a rich history... 
Which makes me love it even more..

Happy Thursday everyone lets make this an awesome day 
hugs, Cherry


  1. Now my mouth is watering for a delicious red ripe juicy tomato!! It's amazing to me how big your tomatoes are already, our little plants haven't even blossomed yet! You'll be way ahead of me and eating a B.L.T. SOON! I agree, I'd rather someone else waste their delicious maters on frying!! (love the crock!)

  2. Oh, how I love me some fried green tomatoes! I only have a few Roma and the Better Boy is just starting to put on fruit. Can't wait! I have a crock from my MIL that looks like it might be Marshall Pottery. It is very likely since my hubby's family is from Texas. Have a great weekend Cherry!

  3. Love the crock! It's gorgeous. I'm just in awe that you have tomatoes already. My plants have's a! Have a great day Cherry! Cheers, Jenni

  4. and I want my tomatoes to be red...and raw..Sorry, just my thing I guess...

  5. I'm looking at sometime in August before I'll be enjoying a good toasted tomato sandwich. Patience...

  6. I will be having some of these next week! Hopefully my tomatoes will be big enough by then. I LOVE them!

  7. I've never had fried green tomatoes. I'm sure they are good. It's just that I like my tomatoes red, ripe, and juicy.

  8. Wish I had been there for supper! I have a piece of Marshall Pottery. I too, didn't realize it was so well know until i read about it online. Your crock is beautiful.
    Have a great week, Ginger


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