Sunlit Sunday 4 ~ Waiting on the Morning

These were take one Sunday morning in October 
on Tybee Island

The lone paddle boarder and myself were the only ones on the beach watching and waiting for the sun to make her appearance

it was so magical... The only sound was the occasional seagull cry or a small wave breaking

until the flock of gulls passed overhead then,
 it was as if the entire world had awaken

and as the sun started peeking out and the brown pelicans floated by, it became silent again ....

as I sat and watched the warm glow of the morning
 spread all around me all I could think was. 
This magical morning is all mine

 and his... to cherish forever
and though I have no idea who he is .... I smile knowing
 someone else felt the magic 
on that October morn.

I'm joining Miss Karen for Sunlit Sunday  
and looking forward to seeing
 all the sunshine that is being shared
come on and join us at ~  My Little Home and Garden  
 hugs ya'll... hope everyone has a magical day
and a blessed week, Cherry


  1. it looks so peaceful and beautiful !
    Love the picture of you and your Sweetie

  2. Your photos are beautiful. What a calm, peaceful way to start the day.
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog.
    I'll also be joining Miss Karen for Sunlit Sunday later tonight.

  3. The sunrise is beautiful, very magical looking indeed.

  4. Cherry (oops, Miss Cherry),

    I love the feeling I get looking at these wonderful sunrise photos. The setting is so serene, the colours magnificent, and the story you told drew me into the setting. Thank you for that and for linking to "Sunlit Sunday".


  5. These photos are just gorgeous. I love beaches, sunrises and sunsets! Blessings, Pamela

  6. ahhh, a sunrise on a beach - on a near deserted beach at that. perfect!

  7. I love getting up early to see the sun come up over the hills but I think I would get up esrly everyday if I had a sunrise like.

  8. Such a gorgeous sunrise, great captures.

  9. Absolutely glorious!!! These are absolutely wonderful pictures!!!!

  10. Yes some great photography. Can't miss with a scene like that. That is a heavenly blessing to be able to be present for that awakening. Blessings

  11. what a great post. that is such a lovely place in the early morning hours!!!

  12. what a beautiful series of shots! That must have been a wonderful day when it starts out that gorgeous!

  13. *sigh*
    I'd love to be on a warm beach right about now!
    I love that you see the sun come up and I see it go down.

  14. Gorgeous photos! I love your story and felt as though I was there too! It is a wonderful thing to see the sun rise! The birds played their roll beautifully!

  15. What glorious morning Cherry. That pink sun looks so pretty. Have a wonderful week.


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