Maddie's Room

Meet Maddie my beautiful great niece and her room.
 I ran across these pictures yesterday from years back and thought I would share them.
Maddie's mom asked me to come paint a farm with a barn in Maddie's room and she asked that Maddie's grandmother and great grandmother aka Miss Lois have a part in it. So one Friday morning we started and about 36 hours later we had created a barnyard full of critters..

Jessica, Maddie's mom is fabulous at drawing anything,
 if she can see it she can draw it..
She also makes wonderful children's outfits
which you can see here on Jessica's Craft Corner  ....
 I on the other hand can't draw a lick but give me a paintbrush and I'm doing it..

We started with the barn. I laid it out with painters tape then turned Miss Lois loose with a paint brush..
She lasted about five minutes before her and Maddie started playing so we kicked them out..
Jessica drew the horse.. isn't she pretty. I think we all painted on this section..

every barn needs mice... I love my little mice playing in the hayloft...

and every closet needs hen's above it

Miss Sunshine with her big happy smile. I used iridescent and glow in the dark paint on the clouds and sun, they didn't photography well but they were very pretty with a little glow to them at night..

ducks in a hurry and a glow in the dark dragonfly

Maddie's grandmother did Mr. Cow I added the birds, bugs and sunflowers and the fencing went all around the room.

and my little piggy is to the right of the cow under the window to the left of the tree

 I put the tree in the corner with Mr. Owl, momma bird and her nest with 3 little babies, added vines and bugs to the fencing..

I really thought after I got Mr. Owl painted that Maddie may not like him or be scared at night but she loved him and told him good night, every night at bedtime..

see daddy bird flying home

and my little bunny is listening to the baby birds chirping

all while kitty struts his stuff and Jessica's polka dotted doggie watches in hopes of catching that cat..

it was a lot of fun and looking back on the pictures I see a lot of things I should have done different but then I remember 36 hours with very little sleep and think well damn that turn out pretty darn good...
and I'm sad to say we did all of this work in 2005 and Maddie decided last year she wanted a big girl room so it was all painted over.. Oh well we have pictures and memories and more little girls that just might want aunt Cherry to come do something for them...

hugs and happy Monday everyone, Cherry
Oh I just saw that Miss Ginger of Savannah Granny
has pictures of our weekend adventures together so check us out .. We all looked so pretty ...


  1. Wow! I'm impressed! Great job! Too bad it's painted over now...but they grow up and things change. Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog!
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. Hi Cherry, what a wonderful painting job in a little girls room. Now she is growing up; c'est la vie! I would say, she will never forget this beautiful room she was so lucky to own. Happy days and bonjour T♥

  3. OMG Cherry. What a fantastic room. It would be a joy to be in that room with all of the animals. I love the mice in the haymow. So fun. She will always remember that painted room I am sure.

  4. What a cute, fun room for a little girl. Even though she's all grown up, she will always remember her farm room and her great aunt, Cherry

  5. Wow - that is just beautiful. Your niece will have wonderful memories of her childhood bedroom. What a lovely auntie you are!

  6. That was absolutly glorious! You are very talented! You should do that for a living! I don't know how they could bear to paint over it! Makes me want to cry! Could you come to Texas and do my room in a forest scene please? Carol

  7. Love it ! Love the colors and especially the Ginger kitty... I'm like you, don't draw just jump in and paint. I did my GRANDson's room with rolling hills, railroad (oh yes Thomas the Tank :)) ) and villages but don't have photos.
    From Waycross, GA I found you by looking for Annie Sloan paint closer to me than Mississippi.

  8. Excuse me... you painted all that by yourselves? I can't believe it! You have talent! I can't even draw a simple thing. My drawings are like those of a child at first grade! LOL! Well, hats off to you! The little one is so lucky!
    Love, Olga
    P.S.: I'm now following you also via bloglovin'! The first one! We'll be in touch!

  9. so fun!!!! this brought a smile to my face!!! you are VERY talented

  10. You are always a gift of sunshine my fun gifted friend and Georgia Peach!

  11. What a fabulous room! I would have loved it as a child.

  12. Thank you all so much it was a lot of fun putting it together.

  13. What a lovely room I painted a rabbit on the boys room when they were small had to find a photo it was a lot of fun.

  14. That's a lovely gesture! I would like my room that way.

  15. Cherry, This is amazing! I'm glad you have pictures, that's a lot of art to paint over! I love it!


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