Sunlit Sunday ~ 2

Yellow Shrimp plant blooming away

pansy's not so much.. It has been so warm around here that they just now seem to be starting to show off some..

Question ~ all week I have been losing pictures from my last 2 post they stay up for about 24 hours then they start disappearing one by one ... any ideas? On last Sunday's post 2 of the pictures I have yet to find and on the post about the finished table I have had to repost the pictures a couple of times for the last 2 day's..

I am posting this post early to see if it is still here in the morning.. Would love any input I have never had any real issues with my blog so this is all new to me..

I'm joining Miss Karen for Sunlit Sunday at her blog My Little Home and Garden come on and join us..


Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday everyone.
hugs ya'll, Cherry


  1. It's lovely to see flowers and think of your warm sunny weather! No ideas on the picture problems hope you can get it figured out! Have a sunny Sunday!

  2. Great sunlit shots! I love the yellow Shrimp Plant sitting in the sunlight. Sorry I can't help with the photo problem. I haven't had a problem like it.

  3. Cherry, there was a problem with my entire blog being deleted for a few hours last Saturday. I posted a question on the Blogger help site and it got sorted out. (I did a post on the experience.)
    After a quick search, just now, it looks like you're not alone with your particular problem. I didn't see a solution yet, but that's not to say there isn't one. Good luck!
    Thanks for linking to Sunlit Sunday for the second time. I appreciate it very much and enjoy seeing your photos of the south. The yellow shrimp plant is new to me!

  4. I had that happen once. They finally came back. It is sure aggravating for sure. Love you sunny faces on your flowers.

  5. Hmm, Blogger and its quirks; hope your pictures return. The yellow shrimp plant flowers are cute.

  6. Lovely shrimp plant in my favourite bloom colour.
    Blogger has quirks and I've noticed various photos missing on different blogs. They do seem to come back though. Have you checked the Picasa album where they are stored to see if they are showing there?

  7. Your shrimp plant is so fascinating. I've never seen one. Hope your photos come back. I've not had that problem--yet. Happy Sunlit Sunday.

  8. What an unusual plant!
    I hope your blog problem is soon sorted out - how annoying!

  9. Your blog is lovely and I just signed on to follow via Linky Followers and GFC. I hope you'll pop over to Cottage and Creek and follow back via Linky Followers as I'm a non-Blogger blog. Also, I'm hosting my first ever Choose Joy Giveaway and I'd love for you to enter.

    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  10. I've never seen a Yellow Shrimp plant nor heard of it. It's interesting. I like your collages.

  11. Beautiful photos and mosaic Cherry. Your yellow shrimp plant is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you all so much. I have had the Shrimp plant for years but this is the first winter and I say that loosely cause we have had no winter .. that it has been non-stop blooming...


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