It's a Hodge Podge kinda day

Happy Tuesday ya'll look at the sweet little Painted Buntings that stopped by this morning.. I was so excited to see them sitting on the Tea Olive..Sorry for the bad picture but it was taken through tinted glass and a window screen. It's a cloudy day around here and a little cool so I thought I would get on here and try out the New Blogger which I know has been out for a while, I just didn't want to take the time to learn it.. so today is the day with a hodge podge post to see what it's all about...


my latest treasures I picked up all these pieces for $1.50 without really looking at them till I got them home and each one was perfect..

 I love the center of this one... Oh and I found the little bucket also... Paid to much for it but hey I got the dollies for a steal..

and this one is a smaller oblong version of one that my girlfriend Beth made me many years ago that I adore.


and this cute little picnic basket I'm thinking the grand nieces might enjoy playing with it.. OK I said this was a hodge podge post ... and here's last night supper from Pinterest

3 frozen boneless, skinless chicken breast, 2 cans of drained black beans, 1 can of drained whole corn, 1 can of drained tomatoes with jalapeno peppers... Dumped everything into a crockpot

cooked on high for 3 1/2 hours shredded chicken with 2 forks, drained juice (if I had been serving with rice I would not have drained it)

 added 4oz of cream cheese the recipe called for 8 oz but I'm trying to be good... 

 after it melted stirred together and placed on warm till time to eat.. We ate it on spinach wraps and it was really good.. I did add because I can't leave things alone... fresh nutmeg, onion, and powered garlic..

what I would do different next time.. I would wait to add the corn along with the cream cheese the corn seemed a little tough.. I bet this would be really good on rice along with a salad ...

and as for the new Blogger so far I pretty much hate it ... I posted this post without knowing it or being through with it, I can't figure out how to get everything flush left or centered and the spacing is all cattywampus ...but I will try again..maybe it will grow on me..

Have a wonderful week ya'll hugs from me to you, Cherry


  1. well hooray for hodge podge! Love those beautiful buntings (wish they'd come to South Dakota) Beautiful doilies (not many young ladies appreciate them anymore, it's kinda sad) and the chicken dish sounds yummy! Have a great hodge podge evening!

  2. I cannot learn one more new thing as learning a new photo editor is plenty right now. I cannot view your images to pull up but it is probably my crazy pc and not your blog. Joe says we are not near that hwy so no yard sale for us. hugs, olive

  3. I love the buntings. I've never seen any here in Minnesota. The doilies are beautiful. I try and pick them up too when I see them.

  4. I love that chicken dish! Even my husband will eat it which it pretty amazing ;)

  5. That crockpot chicken sounds so good. Might a good dish to put on for next Saturday. Dinner will be ready when I get home. I am looking forward to our outing. Blessings, Ginger


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