We did it ! Over 275 miles of yard sale bliss

and we can't wait till Peaches to Beaches weekend 2012 to do it all over again.

This was at the end of our trip .. Can you tell we are tired .. Oh yeah it shows ..

We Drove. We Stopped. We Shopped.. and We had a blast..Friday morning started out with a Fried Chicken liver biscuit from a Service station in Sterling, Georgia along with a Mocha Latte. Now if that don't get you in the mood for a road trip nothing will. There was miles of yard sales, some had good junk and some just had junk, junk .. With nothing but time on our hands Beth & I got to go through it all in search of those special treasures ..

The road was great, the traffic was not bad at all and we met so many wonderful people.

One of our favorite finds was a wonderful couple in Jesup that made birdhouses. We both bought from them and even talked about going back by on the way home but didn't make it.

and yes I parked right smack dab in front of this sign and I think Beth even had to maybe mention that it was there before I realized what it said..lol and after a whole lot of giggling we ran into...

THESE !!! now that pastel yellow one that was a normal size bra that bright neon yellow thing could hold a couple of toddlers ..

on to the "hee bee gee bees " house which isn't the name of this place it is just how I felt time we got to it .. When I walked inside the little hairs on my body stood up and I couldn't get out of there fast enough ..lol

looking back at the pictures I would love to know how much that mirror was.
See creepy doll on the table..

My first official purchase was a big box of giant pine cones that Beth and I split. We're off to a great start chicken livers & pine cones.. but wait we still have Saturday to share ..

Thank you Beth for all the fun and for taking so many great pictures for me to share .. most of these pictures Beth took while I drove or shopped ..

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Hi Cherry, looks like you had such fun on your trip, what an adventure!
    Thanks for popping over to my part of England for a blog visit.
    Hugs, Angela.

  2. OMGracious! Chicken Liver in a biscuit...Honey, I have got to find out where Sterling is and hie myself to that service station! I LOVE chicken livers (it was my birthday meal this year and the first meal I ate after marrying my dear man) lol. Peaches to Beaches, chicken livers, treasures...Could life be better?


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hugs, Cherry

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