Looking Marvelous on this Beautiful Friday

Recently I walked into a local bakery's it was one of those day's that I just couldn't get my stuff together so I decided I needed some serious sugar and grease with a little cinnamon on top.. While there I walked into the ladies room and started giggling ... it was so dang cute !

and being the girl I am out came the camera .. I stayed entirely too long in this cute little room, when I opened the door there was a line of cross-legged ladies waiting to go in. I just smiled and told them to enjoy.. Hope once they were inside they understood ..
A little sugar, cinnamon and being told you look marvelous makes for a really good day and yes I really wanted to try on that coconut top ...

Have a beautiful Friday everyone, a fun weekend and remember you are MARVELOUS!..

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Yes, let's have a fun weekend! (And how cute is your side photo that says it all, 'marvelous' Georgia peach friend!).

  2. I had the same experience in Maine! A very similar powder room was decorated so girly, who ever thought doing your business could be such fun!

  3. Love it !!!
    Congrats to the creative person who decided to do it.


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