Look who's blog I'm plundering through this week ~ Robin's Nesting Place

I love reading blogs .. and looking at pictures of all things pretty in blogland ..I love blogs about gardens, homes, families, crafts & food. Blogs that teach me how to make new things look old and new ways to make old things look new. Blogs that make me laugh, blogs that make me cry, blogs that make me think outside my comfort zone and those that make me think~ HEY I can do THAT .

I follow a lot of blogs ... Some days I only scan through a few and some days well lets just say I don't get much done because I'm too busy playing in blogland .. Everyday I am amazed at all the talented women sharing their homes, hearts and love with strangers and how quickly those strangers become friends and how willing bloggers are to help one another with kind words, sharing answers to nagging questions, suggestions, prayers and support. The blogging world truly is a wonderful thing to be apart of ~ Because I follow a lot of blogs I have been missing a lot of great stuff so I have decide to pick a blog a week to plunder back through the Archives ..

This week I am going to go back to the very first blog I found in blogland ... back to Miss Robin's blog Robin's Nesting Place.. I felt an immediate connection to Robin. Her photographs of her backyard birds always amazes me. She has taken the time to help me out with blogger issues and has left many sweet comments on my blog .. Robin has had to many sad things laid on her plate here lately but she has held steadfast and if it's possible her pictures are even more beautiful than when I first started following her .. You have to go checkout this post about this little Goldfinch.. Titled ~ She Love Me, She Loves Me Not

and this is one of my all time favorite pictures I have ever seen in blogland...

I love the textures of the rough table, the classiness of the Chintz tea cup, the plainness of the blue mason jar with the elegance of the fabulous pink Peony's. I would love for everyone to join me over at Miss Robin's I promise you won't be disappointed. Her post this morning is filled with beautiful fall images ... Oh and Miss Robin you are looking good girl !!

Happy Monday everyone and Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Thanks for the link! I love finding new blogs to enjoy....like yours! I'm having fun peeking at all of your wonderful posts! ♥

  2. You are so sweet to feature my blog today! I follow a lot of blogs too and barely have time lately to keep up with all of them! The idea of doing the, "Look who's blog I'm plundering through this week", is a fantastic idea! I look forward to seeing those!


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