it's Flaunt Your Flowers Friday

Come see what is still blooming at my house...

Confederate Rose ~ Hibiscus Mutabilis I have the single and the double and love them both and have shared them every October you can read more about them by clicking here

I just want to sit and watch while they go from that awesome white to the deepest pink ..

and this is what is blooming in my neglected bed.. A whole lot of grass, weeds and some surprises. White & yellow Chamomile that I planted years ago and forgot about.. I guess I have been pulling it up as weeds and because I haven't weeded this bed since the spring ~ yes I am admitting to not weeding since the spring and the worst part is this bed is less than 2 ft from my back door... I look at it everyday coming and going ... Bad , bad gardener ! There is also some coleus, a dahlia don't remember planting it there and a cockscomb that hasn't bloomed in years either and some blue mist which you can see more of by clicking here which includes the original picture that is now my header ..

and here's what I will be doing this weekend planting pansies, viola's, dusty miller, and snapdragons.. it's Flaunt your flowers Friday over at Tootsie Time come join me, Miss Tootsie and other great bloggers for some Friday fun.

And a big hey ya'll to my newest followers it's so nice to meet ya!

Have an awesome weekend everyone
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. You have some lovely photos of very beautiful Plants.... first time I've visited! L

  2. Such happy blooms! So pretty!
    The hibiscus is to die for!! Gorgeous!

  3. Your flowers are gorgeous, Cherry...Christine

  4. All gorgeous flowers! Beautiful photos..

  5. Hello Cherry, glad to meet you! The hibiscus blooms are amazing, and they change color, too? What more can a person ask for? You have garden beds you haven't weeded in awhile, well, join the club--we could just call them 'natural' beds and say we're going green and conserving 'energy', right?

    It's raining here this weekend, so I've been stuck indoors cleaning. I'd rather be out weeding my 'natural' beds, to tell you the truth, who knew Dust Bunnies could grow so big??

  6. How gorgeous! I think using mosaics really brings out the beauty in flowers! ♥

  7. What pretty flowers you've still got blooming! I love the Confederate rose. I've been bad about weeding too this year, I think I gave myself the year off :)
    I tried growing Chamomile hoping it would spread, but it didn't make it through winter.


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