Pirate's on Parade ~ Tybee Island Style

This past weekend was Pirate's Fest. on Tybee and I had the pleasure of spending a few days there with my girlfriends watching, partaking/partying with all the pirate's .. There was tall pirate's, young pirate's, old pirate's, baby pirate's, dog pirate's some pirate's that looked nothing at all like a pirate and some that looked so real you had to wonder if maybe they didn't slip in during the night hoping to steal our beautiful little island..

It was a fabulous weekend we met so many wonderful people ..and a big shout out to the beautiful ladies we met Thursday night from Louisville, KY and Texas hope ya'll made it home safely... GUESS WHAT we got to meet Mary Kay Andrews too .. Woohoo .. I also had the pleasure to met Jane Coslick & the head mermaid herself Miss Diane Kaufman

That's Miss Mary Kay driving the little red car and Miss Diane in the Mermaid wagon and can I just say to Miss Diane thanks for being kind. I'm normally not at a lost for words but I sure went stupid when I tried to speak with you.. lol I love seeing all of the beautiful things you and Miss Jane put together... Now if I could have just ran into Layla & Kevin .... maybe I should have stalked the Mess Hall ..

This guy was awesome he flipped for hours down that parade route

there was lots of food, vendors selling pirate garb and lots of wonderful events for the children.

and funny looking red pirate boots ..lol Sorry but this guys boots just crack me up ..lol Happy Birthday to our beautiful Tybee she turns 123 Tomorrow !! It was such a wonderful weekend .. it was fun meeting Vicki and spending time with my Bff Jilly.. Running into my old friends Wendy & Jimmy kinda makes me wish the pirates would come more often .. Miss Ohio sending lots of Tybee sunshine your way along with lots of hugs .. love ya girlfriend and missed ya madly !!

hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. I visited Tybee Island once...loved it! I climbed the light house, visited the forts and walked in wet sand and water, first and last time ever.

  2. Looks like you had a fun day.
    Have to admit I enjoy the vendors at some events...never know what you'll find that is different.


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