Rainy days and Mondays

We have been having lots of rain and the heat and humidity are still hanging around so this girl has been staying inside. I had to move all of my cookbooks when we redid the kitchen floors and I have just gotten around to putting them away and I'm thinking I may have a few to many..
Can you really ever have to many ?

I have local cookbooks like Miss Wilke's boarding house, The Lady & son's, The Pirates House then there is the ones that are from local churches,organizations, the one my daddy contributed to. The one my mom's doll club put together that my girlfriend Beth and I did all the pictures for. The one that I saved from a Southern Living cooking school that I went to with girlfriends about 25 years ago that was a blast and I still cook from .

And this one from Better Homes and Gardens that if I ever run across again I will grab because I love every recipe in it and it is falling apart.

Do any of you use toilet paper to mark pages of cookbooks ?( Please someone tell me I am not the only one ?)
I even have one from the Jr. League of Eugene Oregon.. Which I have never even used!
This Summer My girlfriend Teri move to Eugene which happens to be her hometown..
hey Teri would you like this one ? Again can you have to many the answer is yes !

I thought I had them all back in place only to find another stack ugh .... after some careful weeding I have a give away stack for my girls and then here comes my sweet girlfriend April with a new one all about chocolate ..lol ..I think I will be trying some of these for the holidays !

The hot humid mornings keep bring frogs to our windows which leave cool patterns.
Yeah I'm losing it, it's the heat !

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. I don't have the space for our cookbooks. I like your storage idea. I also love the frog prints! Precious!

  2. Both of my daughter's have an extraordinary number of cookbooks each and they're always buying more. Me, I hardly cook, so still use the old Betty Crocker one that's falling apart but has exactly what I want in it. Love your photos.

  3. You can never own too many cookbook, dear Cherry, NEVER ... :)

  4. Don't forget about your loving neice that has picked up your hobby of cookbook collecting :) I will always take more of the ones that didn't make the cut! Luvs ya always jess

  5. great thrifty treasures you have there, but i had to tell you that i love this island! i don't have many cookbooks, but what a great idea!

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your comment on my free finds! you are right, it was an awesome day!


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