unfinished business ..

I am feeling like the queen of everything unfinished .. I have way to many project that I have started and can't seem to get finished ..

these birdhouse have been on this table for well over a month every once in awhile I slap a coat of paint on them ..

new desk hubby built still waiting on me to finish painting

old corner cabinet hubby built still waiting on me to finish painting

rain and weed filled wheelbarrow sat for days .. I did empty this morning .. but I haven't finished weeding ..

front side walk started staining over a month ago

and I still have a ways to go and now the afternoon rains and heat are here uggggggggg .. Will I ever finish any of these projects ?? Oh and the nieces wedding is 10 days away .. I won't even begin to tell you how many things I have in midstream to finish for that .. and the inside of house is still in shambles ..lol

Hugs ya'll from Savannah and the unfinished queen, Cherry


  1. You are so NOT alone girl! You home is so lovely..

  2. You have a lot of fabulous projects!

  3. Oh, Cherry, I completely understand your situation. I know you have the very best intentions, but when you get a new idea, you must act on it immediately...even if the 1st project isn't finished yet. Don't be too hard on yourself. Your garden looks really pretty! And, although unfinished, I love your front walk way!

  4. Cherry - You are eating the elephant. One bite at a time. Your projects do look wonderful! I am painting the house trim. In 2wks we are in the garden tour and I took a good look at the outside of the house and had one of those oh no moments.


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