Wedding gift card box ~ Mailbox for Metamorphosis Monday

How cute is this !!!

I made this for my niece's wedding and everyone had a fit over it . In trying to think of something different to use for the gift cards besides spending $20 bucks or more on one of those wire boxes that most likely would never get used again I came up with this.. It now sits it on the front porch of their new home.

I got the hubby to cut the slot in the top of the mailbox and attach it to the post. I even metamorphosed all those living room sample paint cans into a great easel while I was painting.. lol

I love my baby Alexis bird

I planted Diamond Frost in the pot but it closed up on me time it went inside with the air conditioning so it looked more like baby's breath

I had lots of folks wanting to be the Mailman after the wedding .. lol

I'm hooking up with Miss Susan and the gang over at Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday you have to come checkout all the wonderful and crafty ideas that are being shared this morning ..

Can you believe it is the first day of summer ? I have big plans to do much of nothing except what I want to do .. My life has been on fast forward for way too long.. Time to slow down and as my Bff Jilly says make this summer count .. I have lots of projects that I want to finish and new ones to begin .. Which is why I am joining in on a 10 day Challenge that starts Wednesday June 23rd and ends Friday July 2nd at Miss Gina's The Shabby Chic Cottage . If you would like to join us then head on over to The Shabby Chic Cottage for all the details .. Now to get my list down to only 10 task ... Oh my ...

Have a wonderful Monday everyone !
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. What a great idea for cards! With the design you painted you could probably get a lot of use out of it afer the wedding!

  2. So cute!!! A long time ago I knew a family who always hand painted a trash can for the newly married couple. I always thought is was the best wedding gift. Yours is close though.

  3. Cherry,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment:) Great job on the mailbox! I love that it is something the newlyweds will be able to continue to use.

  4. Very fun and creative! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm excited about 10 Tasks in 10 Days too--time to get some projects done!

  5. Great birdhouse. Very Creative! I actually accomplished one of the things on my list of 10 today.....polish silver. Woohoo! Lists do help motivate, don't they.

  6. Hello there. I just read this older post of yours... that mailbox post in the pot that you made for the gift is wonderful! It just looks so adorable the way you painted it, plus the way you put it in the pot, with the greenery below. Great job!
    Best regards,


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