Saturday's finds

The Ultimate Yard Sale was fun but I didn't find any treasures so off I went to to see what I could find else where and here's what $15.00 and a couple of stops got me..
A really dirty, stinky suitcase .. lol Not sure now what I saw in this thing .. lol
2 enamel pots which I have a weakness for .. I love to plant in them and use them when working in the yard .. a cute little pocketbook made in Hong Kong the handle looks like Tortoise Shell
( could have taken a better picture .. sorry )

and then this TA DA .. My find of the day..

OK I know this may not make your heart sing but me, I fell in love at first sight .. lol
I could not believe the lady only wanted $5.00 for it.
I see it as a really cool planter and can't wait to put it together .
The sun is shining so pretty here this morning looks like a great day to do some spray painting ..

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!
hugs ya'll, Cherry

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  1. Cherry, that is a really cool find! I thought it was a planter when I first glimpsed it, before I read along.

    How do you get holes in the enameled pots, to use them as planters, I wonder?


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