Happiness is .. new life for some of that junk I keep dragging home ..

10 bucks for new daisy's, the other flowers I had crammed in a box, junk store basket, a can of spray paint and ribbon makes for a pretty new arraignment for the gate ..

Lots of things got spray painted this weekend and given a new life.
It was a beautiful weekend. I got so much done, planted some seeds, pulled all the plants out and gave them a big drink of water, a little shower and some sunshine. My Clivia has blooms starting to form .. Woohoo it's finally starting to feel like spring !

Miss Meredith I use a big nail I just tap it in wiggle it around and pull it out ..

Happy Monday let's make it a great one !
hugs ya'll, Cherry


  1. I am jealous! It is still cold and wet here in So. Cal. I am itching to get to it!

  2. Cherry, I love your junk rehab! I enjoy doing the same. Incredible, isn't it, what you can do with "junk"!!

  3. You were being creative this weekend. Love the basket on the fence. I spent the weekend doing the same as you - weeding planting and cleaning outdoors. Anything outdoors this weekend because it was so beautiful.

    Keep on junking girl - I love it.


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