Miss Lois speaks

Miss Lois says to me I want a picture of your daddy and I with all the great grands ! I say yes madame where would you like to do this and down she drops. Then she tells daddy to have a seat .. now give us them babies she says ...

and here they come ..

Miss Brayci is starting to get upset and Miss Abbigail wants her momma to stay with her..

Miss Brayci and Miss Abbigail are really singing now ..

here comes grandma stealing her baby .

Abbigail is looking for some help from her big cousin Madison
Miss Bailey and Mr Taylor are in awe as Mr. Kaiden does his best to get baby Lexie's bow. Miss Lois is looking a little stressed, daddy's hanging in there .. let's give this another try ... give us back Brayci grandma !

Brayci is back still not happy, Miss Abbigail is out of there... her mother is over it and big cousin Madison is of course thinking life was so much easier when she was the only great grand.. Miss Bailey, Mr. Kaiden and Mr. Taylor still hanging in there... Miss Lois gives up and daddy loved it all !

and yes we will have to try this again because we didn't get what Miss Lois wanted but she thinks we can wait a little while before trying again .. lol ..

and I won't even begin to tell you how many pictures were taken to get this one .. My Family minus a couple .. What a wonderful weekend thank ya'll so much for the Birthday wishes I love all of you bunches ..

I do hope that each of you had a fun weekend and Happy Birthday too me !
hugs ya'll, Cherry


  1. What great photos!! You never =know what babies are going to dom too cute...Happy Birthday To YOU!

  2. Happy birthday! What a wonderful family photo (I know it took a lot of tries - LOL!)


  3. Happy Birthday Cherry! How fortunate you are to have such big family! I am a bit jealous. And so many babies! Do I see twins there?

  4. Happy Birthday, Cherry! That's one big, happy family. It is always all the more merrier with kids around.

  5. Oh, my gosh. Luved this post. Nothing better than a big old noisy family that includes a lot of active children.

  6. Happy Belated, Miss Cherry! Looked like a great family reunion! My favorite...Brayci, tears and all!

  7. Ah, what memories! I love photos like that because it shows the true colors and personalities of the kids! Fun photos.

  8. thank ya'll so much for the birthday wishes we are still talking about momma & daddy with all the babies..lol

    Miss Tatyana yes you do see twins but it's not the boys in daddy's lap. The boy on the right of daddy's lap is Mr. Taylor and little Miss Bailey is in momma's lap on the left. The 2 boys are 2 weeks apart.


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