The sun has shined here for 3 days and it feels so good

Yesterday I took five 8ft Loropetalum down to knee high
then this morning I got up thinking I would mop the kitchen and laundry room but instead I tore all the tile up and out except the pieces under appliances I guess I am in a destructive mood this week.
Wonder what tomorrow will bring ?

bye bye ugly floor ~ hello pool ..
Removing all that old tile has my arms and hands screaming . I even have blisters boohoo
Hubby hasn't a clue ... I can't wait till he drives up and see's all those buckets

ya'll have a great evening
I'm heading to the pool with a big glass of wine and a bowl full of boiled peanuts ..

My work for this day is done !!!
hugs, Cherry


  1. Cherry girl ! Holy Cow !!
    I wouldn't want to be in your way when you have a bee in your bonnet girl ;-)
    I said "boiled peanuts??" out loud and number one son said "those are excellent!!" .. he has been in South Carolina a few times visiting friends so he has tried them out .. how ever husband and I haven't and I'm still in awe of the concept ? LOL
    Hope you have a great relaxing evening with the wine and those amazing peanuts ?

  2. I guess tearing up the tile is an alternative to mopping it. Boy, you are one ambitious lady. I've heard of boiled peanuts but can't say that I've ever eaten them. This was a fun post.

  3. Cherry, you are a very energetic lady. I'll really won't enjoy clearing up after the demolition. Anyway, I wish you a wonderful day.

  4. great job!
    I don't have the patience or the energy to do something like that..really.
    have a happy day!

  5. Awesome! I love surprise demolition! The spouse is always so 'impressed'. Can't wait to hear about his reaction, I think you did great!

  6. Miss Joy and Miss Donna ya'll want me to box you up a bowlful and send them your way I promise they are wonderful.

    Hubby didn't completely freak he said he knew it was coming.. lol

    Guess I had made more than one comment about how much I was ready for those ugly things to go !

    now if I can make my arms move without the pains I see what else I can tear up this week
    hugs ya'll, Cherry

  7. and I guess I should proof read before I hit send !!!
    here's what I meant to say ~

    Guess I have made more than one comment about how much I was ready for those ugly things to go !

    now if I can make my arms move without being painful I will see what else I can destroy this week

  8. Wow, sounds like you've been hard at work! I'm sure it will all pay off :)

  9. Oh my---so, what did hubby say/think?
    Love that you relaxed w/ wine and boiled peanuts! A southern favorite!

  10. Well agood days work and a well earned rest in the pool


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