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The sun is still shining here and man it sure feels good...

Broadhead Skink
Description: 6 - 13 in (15 - 33 cm). Broadhead skinks are the largest skink in the southeast, and with the exception of the glass lizards, are the largest lizards in our region. These large lizards have short legs and a streamlined body. The body is generally gray, brown, or black, in background color with five white or yellowish stripes (two on each side and one down the center of the back). However, adults often fade to uniform gray or brown, and mature males develop enlarged orange heads with powerful jaws. Like other skinks, the young have a bright blue tails and prominent stripes. Although adult male broadhead skinks are unmistakable, females and immature lizards are very similar in appearance to five-lined and southeastern five-lined skinks. Thus, small skinks are best identified by close examination of the scales: broadhead skinks have an enlarged row of scales under the tail and five labial (along the upper lip between the nose and eye) scales.
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University of Georgia
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  1. OK Cherry ... I would jump straight up if I mistakenly, almost .. stepped on this guy !! LOL
    Very interesting though ;-)

  2. Cute guy and interesting info! Thank you Cherry!

  3. Love it when I see these, especially when they are alive and have their tails in tack:)

  4. I first heard of skinks a few weeks ago when someone posted about them on their blog. I think it was Kate and Crew at Gardening Without Skills. She mentioned that if a cat eats a skink, it can be deadly for the cat (and also the skink).

  5. We have lots of those, but they make me squeamish! I much prefer to have the green anoles hanging around. LOL


  6. Nice pics and I learned something new!


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