Floor update

Well it's done ... am I in love with it HECK NO !! can I live with it ???
The color is called Tumbled Stone When I looked at the little sample on paper and on line I see a tad of brown but I can assure you there is no brown in this stain at all. It is as black as black can be and if I had not started wiping it up I do believe we would have had a black floor which I now think I might would have liked better. Oh well it's done and as always looking back at a project you can see things you wish you had done different ...
Like starting in the morning instead of in the afternoon it started pouring rain and we lost all of our natural light and I wish I had not sealed it till I had lived with it a little while because I would have a least went back and added some other colors.
I think I see a new wood floor in our future .. but for now I'm going to enjoy my new bed and cabinet that my hubby built which turned out beautiful and buy myself a pretty new rug !
We still need to put down the shoe molding before I can put all my furniture back and hang the drapes and other goodies so I will share more pictures when it's all done .
Oh and the Fathead kitty loves the floor and sends his love to everyone !

have a fantastic day ya'll
hugs, Cherry


  1. The cabinet is great! I think a rug would make it "work" better

  2. I think you did a great job! You can always add a rug for a little color. It's a good neutral that will go with everything. -Jackie

  3. This is a great project and it's going to look lovely when it's all put together. Good job.

  4. Thanks ya'll it's growing on me ..lol

    It was meant to be a quick fix till I could decide between wood or tile might help me decide a little quicker ..

    hugs, Cherry


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