Ring around the sun

While laying on a float this afternoon watching the planes and clouds float by I got to see this really cool ring around the sun not knowing what it was I emailed pictures to our local weather Master and here is his reply....

Patrick Prokop,
These are great ... Ring around the sun

This is caused by high thin cirrus clouds which are composed entirely of ice crystals. The light passing through the crystals "Bend" in all directions by an angle of 42 degrees creating the ring. Even if the sun was a rectangle, the event would be circular.


now how cool is that !
hugs ya'll, Cherry


  1. That is awesome. Good capture. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Hi, Cherry. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful sight with us and the information relating to it. Cheers!

  3. How lucky are you to be laying on a float (in the water, I assume) watching planes and clouds? Spectacular photos and great info to go along with them.

  4. Lying on a raft and you had your camera? Haha...that would be me too! Cool is right!

  5. So cool! Thanks for sharing your photos and the info...my 12 yr old son will enjoy this, I'm sure! For us adults, it's fun to keep learning, no matter our age!

  6. Sooo cool! Thanks for sharing that with us.


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