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The last couple of weeks I have gotten to spend time with all the babies and of course I have taken gobs of pictures and thought it would be fun to share.

The first is Mr. Man and his daddy Josh on fathers day. This little fellow is the spitting image of his grandpa, my brother.. I see little girls hearts breaking already .. lol

The fabulous Miss Pris who found her toes while in the tea cup and I am very sure she will be wearing a halo of flowers on her wedding day because she hated that tulle ..

The lovely Miss Madison and her butterfly tattoo. My favorite picture is the one with her in the overalls for me that's my Maddie.

The TWINS are up next... Mr. Taylor and Miss Bailey I packed them up in that suitcase to bring them home with me but changed my mind when they both started crying at the same time ... WOW ... bless you my sweet child you have your hands full .. I love Taylor's big blue eyes and the picture of Bailey with the mirror behind her so sweet just want to eat them up..
From Collages

Next we have Miss Abbigail's first birthday party I can't believe she is one already ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA KAY I hear there is a new Harley in your garage have lots of fun.

and lastly our 4th of July which was wonderful lots of great food, family and fun. Maybe even to much fun for the cowboy and sunglasses guy.. Whimps !! That's my parents with my niece Dani who will be giving us a little girl in just a few weeks. Looks like great grandma was trying to get us some inside secrets.. and I love the picture of our Sassy Miss Shelby who never sits still laying on the ground with Miss Pris looking beautiful ..

oh and that's the hubby and I rolling on the ground and no I'm not going to share why we were on the ground except to say we started out standing ..lol

Have a wonderful weekend ya'll
hugs, Cherry


  1. Dab, dab! These are precious, darling pics of the children. And, such beautiful wee ones ... Beautiful! TY for sharing. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Awwww such cuties! Thanks for sharing! -Jackie


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