Weekend goodies

This weekend was one of those that had way to many things going on.
Jane Fishman's annual plant swap
( We are so glad to see Jane back writing for the Savannah Morning News
The spring plant sale out at the Botanical Gardens on the Southside

A butterfly garden plant sale out at the Bamboo farm with a neighborhood yard sale very close by and the strawberries were ready to pick ... plus the hubby asked me to go fishing.

Oh my what's a girl to do !!!!

Well this girl invite her mom & sister in law to go to the yard sales and Bamboo farm butterfly plant sale. The yard sales netted 4 Janet Evanovich books for 2 bucks and that's it !! : (

The plant sale was great they had lots of goodies but when I got home I realized that some of the plants were not labeled and even though I know, I know these plants I cannot for the life of me remember what they are ... The one on the top left and on the bottom both have the word fire in their name and then the begonia.


Hubby went fishing Saturday & Sunday.
can you say FISH FRY !!!!

Miss Pris and I enjoyed some Stephine Plum shannagin's

and here is some of the other goodies that I have picked up
and have now had to put in the garage because ...
THEY say we are going into the 30's tonight Dang it !!

an Angels Trumpet, Duranta Repens, Daphne, 2 Mandavilla's, lots of Coleus, Red Caster Bean a few tomato plants that I have never heard of STUPICE and BROWN BERRY which is a cherry ( Miss Ohio I thought of you when I saw this one. ) and some herbs..

Selfheal ~ ( I haven't a clue how to use )Galangal ~ an upright ginger used in Thai cooking ( which I have never done so not sure why I bought it ) and some Lemon grass. Nice haul .. but I sure wish I could have made it to the other events Jane does another swap in the fall so I plan to be there .

and how cute is this wagon ? I so stole this idea from Miss Melanie at Old Country Gardens
go check out hers it is great! I pulled this one from the woods behind our house a few weeks ago and was debating as to what I wanted to use it for, time I saw Melanie's I started gathering all those little pieces of succulents stuck in different places and put it together and I think it turned out perfect ..

yes Beth & Jessica this is the 3 wheeled wagon that the lost/crazy woman tried to drag across my driveway.. lol

It was a great weekend now if the cold would just get on out of here so I can start planting !!!!
oh and the strawberries ... We got so excited about the plants we forgot to even drive over to the fields and pick some ... lol

Have an awesome day ya'll
hugs, Cherry


  1. Isn't a great feeling to have so many great plants! but only if we knew where spring is?

  2. BFF, Which Janet Evanovich books did you get? My bamboo plant is huge and taking over. Didn't realize how invasive it is. Fish Fry . . . What time? Way to go green! Like the wagon idea - good use of recycling. Jilly

  3. I love the wagon!! I too have a metal Radio Flyer out in the garden....not sure what to do with it. Great idea.
    Plant swaps are fun...who knows what you will come home with.

  4. Hi Lovely to see your plant collection so different than what I can grow here in UK so it's fun to see. Strawberries well i have just put some new plants in so it will be a few weeks before they even start to flower and the end of June before they fruit if I get any this first year.

  5. What fun! :-) The red wagon is such a great idea, too.


  6. What a weekend you had... lots of plants and fishes.Looks like you had so much fun! I like the plants you have selected. Btw, you can use galangal as a flavouring when cooking either fish or chicken.


  8. I'm envy of your great finds at the plant swap...how fun! I thought Melanie's wagon garden was cute, too! Where will you park it?

  9. That sounds like a fun weekend Cherry. I'm surprised you all are still so cold ~ that's really unusual isn't it? It makes me feel a bit better that I'm not the only one freezing but still I'm sure you're ready to stay warm. Strawberries ready for picking ~ that reminds me of home (Maryland) where we used to go to the strawberry fields every May to pick & eat to our hearts content. Yum! My grandfather used to tell the owner he should weigh me before and after!! ha ha. Definitely would not want that happening now.


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