A few wondeful things

MY FIRST wonderful thing for today is ....
This wonderful Healing wand that I won a week or so ago. When it came in the mail I checked it out and thought Cool !
There was also a sample bar of soap and a sample bar of shampoo that I used and fell in love with Hubby loved the way the soap left me feeling oh so soft .. Well over the weekend I stuck my finger to the burner on the stove and it hurt all the way to my toes . Not sure how or why I would do something so stupid but it happens often with this girl .. lol ... so my first thought was to go break a piece of Aloe then I saw the healing wand and thought why not ... I rubbed it on the burn and it was instant relief no blister, no more pain nothing ... It was like it never happen since then I have used it on every scrape, poke, bite and itch and it has handled them all ..

This is a product that I don't want to be without and I can't wait to try some of the other items that Prairieland Herbs Carry... You have to go checkout their web site and I highly recommend you order some of these wonderful products for yourself especially the Healing wand.
I have my shopping list together now to place that order ..

MY SECOND wonderful thing ...
Miss Lois's Amaryllis are blooming and oh so pretty !!!

MY THIRD wonderful thing is ...
a new to me magazine called Garden & Gun I have to say when I saw this magazine at the Expo my very first thought was WHAT ! How are these two things related ? Then my next thought was DIRT PRINCESS .. I'm not sure for her which comes first gardening or hunting but they go hand and hand for many women & men. I don't hunt but I do love to fish and after reading cover to cover Feb/Mar & April/May issues I'm hooked it has a lot of stuff to feed the Southern Soul ...

And my last wonderful thing for today is the weather in Savannah .. Pure Perfection ! For 4 straight days and Mr. Weatherman say's we get to have a few more so I have been outside and loving every second of it .. just came in to get my belly full and say hello to all of ya'll but now it's time to get back out there and plant up something pretty ya'll have a wonderful day !

Oh wait one more wonderful thing fresh cut grass !!
The neighbors just finished cutting their grass and it is one of my favorite smells someone bottle it please ..

hugs, Cherry
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  1. LOL!!! Cherry I love Garden & Gun. I just ordered a subscription. I had never seen it until I visited with my brother. I can't wait to start getting mine in the mail. And to clarify...gardening comes first :)

  2. I will look into the herbal products. You would probably love one of Jekka McVicar's herbal books. I have one that is filled with beautiful ways to use herbs.

    The amaryllis make me drool (with a drawl). :-)

    For a long time, I was afraid to even open up a Garden & Gun! It's a very high-class southern mag, but I can't relate to the lifestyle. LOL

    Glad you've had good gardening days!

  3. Glad the product helped your burn,
    Lovely Amaryllis, Blow some of that great weather your having down here Ms. Cherry.

  4. Enjoy your wonderful weather and sunshine. I am checking out the new site. I am definitely ordering some things, they sound fantastic. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. I need to stop by the site and take a look at the herbal products.
    Gardening and guns , I do both. I am a competitive pistol shooter, although during the gardening season my shooting takes a back seat to gardening. Drop on over to my other blog and take a look at my header.

  6. I am on my way to check out the healing wand now. I love herbal remedies, especially if they work!

  7. Quite a bit of wonderful things!! Will check out the healing wand...I am way to jumpy to use a gun.....your Amaryllis blooms are beautiful.....waiting on mine to do something.

  8. Garden and Gun?? I just subscribed- it sounds like my LIFE! :)


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