The end of our tour !

This was my favorite home on the tour it had drapes to die for beautiful art work and each room was a designers paradise. The bathrooms were grand mirrors everywhere. In the parlor they had 2 beautiful crystal water coolers one was filled with strawberries, fresh mint, water and ice the other was filled with cucumber slices, water and ice not only were they very refreshing they were stunning to look at.

Magnolia Hall
Adjacent to Savannah's magnificent Forsyth Park is historic Magnolia Hall, the guesthouse of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Built in 1878, the three-story, 13-bedroom mansion offers well-appointed private quarters, verdant gardens and airy verandas affording sweeping views of the 21-acre park and surrounding Victorian neighborhood.

Rehabilitated by Savannah College of Art & Design, Magnolia Hall reflects the college's leadership in adaptively reusing many of the city's architectural treasures. These architectural icons are located throughout the National Historic Landmark District and Victorian districts of Savannah.

Designed in 1878 by New York architect Abraham J. Snedeker, Magnolia Hall was built as a single-family home for cotton magnate Jacob Guerard Heyward (1844–88). Raised in Beaufort, South Carolina, Heyward attended school in Charleston and served in the first artillery battalion of the Confederate Army. Following the Civil War, he married Pauline de Caradeuc, whose personal diary from the years 1863–88 was published as A Confederate Lady Comes of Age. Heyward later became one of Savannah's most successful cotton factors.

In 1984, the home was transformed into an inn. Several noted literary figures have been associated with Magnolia Hall, including Pulitzer Prize-winning Poet Laureate Conrad Aiken, who was born in the house in 1889. Novelist John Berendt made the residence his adopted Savannah home in the 1980s while writing the New York Times best seller Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.
SCAD acquired the inn in 2005 for use by visiting artists and other guests of the college.
You can read the entire story here on the schools web site.

SCAD has given Savannah it's downtown beauty back we are very proud they chose Savannah as their home back in 1978 what they have accomplished in the years since is simply amazing and a true gift to our city.

and then we had to walk through Forsyth Park

Did you see the huge Oak in the slide show ? it is almost 300 years old .
Here's some great info about it. Savannah off the beaten path

Now I would like to ask what you think about these three gardens you can kinda see the third one in the picture behind the hot pink bench. These homes are side by side and were all built in the 1850's so they have very similar facade but checkout how different each yard is landscaped.. Personally none of them appealed to me and if I had too see that hot pink/orange combo every morning I would scream .. lol
It was fun to see but you can touch that hot pink vase on the balcony from the front door of the other house .

This is what makes Savannah so great you never know what you are going to see !
From Collages

From Collages
Ok that's it the end of our tour sure hope everyone enjoyed it as much as Beth and I did there is another tour that starts tomorrow it is the NOGS tour along with the Savannah Garden & Antique Expo We won't be doing this tour because we will be to busy enjoying the show and trying to make more space in the car for all the stuff I know we will be buying .. lol

Oh Bobbie I'll see you in the morning ... are you ready to shop girlfriend ???


  1. Gosh, this brings back so many memories. Forsyth Park and playing as a kid. Walking through the park as an adult and sitting on one of the benches and reading. Taking my daughter to visit the park when she was only 1 year old.

    Regarding the 3 gardens, I like pink and orange, but not in the garden! They stick out like a sore thumb! It looks manic and not tranquil, if that makes any sense, lol.

    Thanks for the memories and beautiful photos.

  2. Yes, yes, yes I can't wait!!!!!

    I really do enjoy your blog.
    see you tomorrow.
    Luv ya Bobbie

  3. Savannah sounds like my kind of place.

  4. I agree...those pots are a bit much...but to each their own huh! They have such small places to work with I guess they try a bit too hard

  5. It's all so beautiful, thanks for sharing the tour with us!

  6. Looks a lovely inspirational place


  7. Wonderful tour of my hometown, which I miss very much!

    p.s. I had my first kiss in Forsythe Park while attending a dance at (what was then) Armstrong State College.

  8. Love the tour! Thanks for sharing! I bet it was great!

  9. I look forward to getting a chance to explore Savannah. Thanks for the tour Cherry.

  10. WOW Cherry, what a great tour of the Magnolia Hall and Park...I could spend all day beautiful!! Savannah is one place I have not visited but hope to one day :) I loved your story of the Clivia gift from your brother!

  11. Thanks for becoming a follower of Esther's Boring Garden Blog, Cherry.

    I'm delighted that you like it!


  12. Wow, such grand gardens, they are beautiful! Thanks for the tour.
    Thanks for the advice on my little daschund, Chili, too!

  13. Well BFF, thanks again for sharing. The tour was so interesting.

  14. What a beautiful tour that must have been.
    Enjoyed visiting.


  15. Thanks Cherry to stopping by and your sweet comments on my jewelry. And about my mom and me. She's the talented one, I just try and keep up :)!!! When we head to Savannah, we're calling you to take us on a tour :).


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