Treasures from Saturday's yard sale

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Good morning !!!! Good morning !!!! Good morning !!!!

It's so nice to be back in blogger world ... LOL
My computer monitor went out and I am just now getting back up and running with lots of pictures from the Bamboo farm Spring fling that I need to up load but for the moment I need to go to work so it will have to wait .. boohoo .. but check out what I picked up Saturday morning at the big garage sale. I wanted something to put in this spot to sit on but really have not had time to go looking, this piece was under a big rug all I could see was a piece of leg. Once I got it uncovered I knew it would be perfect the fabric is faded and needs to be recovered but the stuffing inside is like new .. now to decide what color to paint it I kinda like the faded out green but was thinking about maybe a parakeet green for it and the two ladder back chairs with some really loud print fabric for the cushions ..

Would love to hear what ya'll think on the color and would you do them in the same color or different ???

Thank you to everyone that has stopped by I promise to drop in on you really soon !! How about this evening for dessert ... I'm in need of a sweet treat ??

Have a fabulous day get outside and play ya'll
hugs, Cherry

P.S. That really ugly lamp will look beautiful the next time ya'll see it ... lol


  1. Love the daybed!!

    I think the parakeet green would be perfect. You could add some different colored throw pillows if you wanted.

    And I don't think the lamp is ugly, but I can't wait to see what you do with it.

    Come check out the thrifty finds I posted today.


  2. Daybeds on porches are perfect! One of my fondest memories is of my grandmother's screened porch with a daybed. I spent many glorious summers as a kid napping there in the day and playing there, too.


  3. ohhhh I want that daybed! I love it..what a great find.

  4. I agree, the parakeet green would be nice. Great findings!

  5. The daybed is wonderful but I guess I have to be the strange one who likes the color it is! ;-) I just took pics yesterday of some treasures I found at an estate sale Saturday. Not big like yours though - early 1900 floral postcards. Enjoy doing whatever you do with your treasures. I know they will turn out fantastic!

  6. If I'd still been living in Savannah I'd have definitely fought you over that daybed!

    What I would do is get a really bright print and cover it and some cushions for the chairs. Parakeet green would be cool.

  7. What a great find! Lucky you. I like the daybed and the the top photo the lamp looks like it might match the daybed.

  8. Cherry what a great daybed. I kind of like the color that it is too. I can picture a nap there on a warm day or night. Great seating too. Will be waiting to see the finished product.

  9. That shade on the daybed goes nice with the peach walls already...more time to sit and relax with a good garden book! Btw, I love your b/w kitty!

  10. Wow! What a cool looking daybed. I can't wait to see how you transform the lampl:-)

  11. That is a very cool find. Is parakeet green the same as on that frame above the table? If so I like it. A buttery yellow would work with your color scheme.

  12. The thrill of the great find! What fun to dig around, pull back a rug and find a treasure you love. I think you should find your fabulous fabric before you pick a color. Myself ... I love the 40's flower prints. They're big and usually bold colors. Post when this project is done!

  13. Cherry that daybed is wonderful, I wish I could be so lucky and find one, although not sure where I would put it !! I love the colour as it is and I also love old faded paint, the distressed look !

    All those babies on your other post are so cute. :)


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