Basket of bulbs

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Time to get planting !!
I am way behind on all my spring chores.
I have a couple of baskets with bulbs that should have been planted by now and stacks of seed packs that I haven't even looked through yet ..
Guess this ole girl better get outside and get busy.. lol

Looking forward to seeing that Hot Chocolate mix
have a beautiful day ya'll, Cherry


  1. You'll feel better when they are out of the basket and in the ground. They look like beautiful selections. I know we'll be seeing more of them.

  2. They are a nice selection. I call Gladiolus by another name.... vole food. I planted about 100 two or three years ago. One came up. ONE!!! In the bulb catagory it is either in a wire basket or a narcissis.

  3. For me, it's fall when my bulbs pile up! See you have some back-breaking work ahead of you, Toots! But think of how delighted you'll be when they bloom and also how lucky you are to dig in the earth ... it's still in the 40s here :( Will be looking forward to some lovely shots. Happy planting :)

  4. You'll have such a gorgeous garden with all those bulbs!

    Hope you have a great time planting.


  5. OH I LOVE THIS ENTRY!!! I'm still dabbling in my seeds but hope to move on to the spring /summer bulbs by next week.

    THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR love of gardening with us.

  6. Hi Cherry, great selection of bulbs! I love asiatic lilies, they multiple well. Will you stagger your glads so they bloom longer?

  7. Thanks for signing up to follow our blog :-)

    I love the picture in your header -- the flowers are SO pretty :-) Looks like you're all set to plant a new crop of flowers this year!!

    What does the Hot Chocolate mix look like??

    Happy planting!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  8. Hmmm, I have an enamel pot with the same boxes of bulbs and seed packets...alas, it is raining...

  9. I wrote the other day on my blog about bulbs. In romanian we have a word when two persons are thinking at the same thing in the same time. And it sounds like "one mind in one mind with happy thoughts". Basicaly it means that we share the same thought with joy.

    I hope you will have great plants, my gladiolas were great last year!

  10. Hi Cherry,

    I love Savannah! Oh, I love planting flowers too.

    Thanks for visiting and following Bella Vista. Please come over often.


  11. I love Glads!! You will have a beautiful garden.

  12. Those are going to look so pretty when they mature. What a nice collection.


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