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I would first like to thank everyone that has stopped by in the last two weeks and apologize for not personally responding to all the wonderful and helpful comments you have left.

On Friday January the second of this year my big brother Allen was diagnosed with a very progressed small cell lung cancer. He fought as hard as he could but with every success came more sad news, we thought we would have more time with him but we lost him Thursday night.

I would like to share a poem that his oldest daughter Jessica wrote and read at his Memorial service yesterday.

Walking down the hospital hall feeling so weak I just about fall.
They say you have less than a year
we all heard our worst fear.
Cancer is in your liver, lungs and hip
at our hearts we all feel a rip.
A month later the stroke takes you for a loop,
it is heart breaking to see your face droop.
I love you more with every passing day
All I want is for you to stay.
It is so hard to see you not talk
I have to go for a walk
Thinking of back in the day
if I was sad you would make it ok.
You taught me to bait my own hook
and to be a great cook.
To change an element in a water heater and
to read a tire pressure meter.
You could fix anything you put your hands on
there wasn’t a thing you couldn’t do with a little nail or glue.
Everyone knows this is true ...
Watching the race, you take a nap
always to wake up before the last lap
On the table there was always food no matter what the mood.
Taking a whole motor apart, man you were always so smart.
On the floor you would sit just to listen to every great hit.
You would play them for hours
like nothing else in the world matters.
Coming home after a long fishing day
I wanted to hear every word you had to say
There was always a great fishing tale
you would have the biggest like every other male !
After my walk you still couldn’t talk...
A few weeks later pneumonia set in
In the hospital you go again.
Everyone comes to see you, putting on a show
like only you could do.
That’s the last you would stay awake ... man how our hearts ache
Some missed your last breath but everyone loves you to death
It hurts so bad but its for the best
Daddy go with God its time to rest.
I will not say goodbye
for it will only make me cry
There will be a time for us too
then we will all come home to you.


  1. My Condolences to you and your family, what a great heart felt poem she wrote.

  2. My sincere sympathy goes out to you, dear Cherry, in the loss of your brother. His daughter's poem is very touching.

  3. Cherry, I am so sorry for you and your family's loss. Your neice said a lot very nicely. I hope you will all feel peace soon.

  4. It's not a lie... I started to cry when I read your neice's poem. It is incredible how a daughter could gather in a few lines all the life of her father and still a stranger could understand how a great man he was.

    I am sorry for you and your family, I can't imagine how your lives would change starting this month, but I am confident that all of you will found out peace and consolation in each other.

    May the God rest his soul!


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