Happy birthday ladies !

A little music, family, and daddy's ribs

along with birthday girls Miss Lois and Miss Madison
7 going on 17

and beautiful babies make for a wonderful way to spend a
Saturday afternoon !

Taylor and Bailey were adorable in their overalls .
Bailey kinda looks like Carol Burnett pulling on her ear .. lol

Mr. Kaiden our newest and his aunt Ashley isn't he sweet !

Miss Abbi stealing her aunt Cherry's heart with that cute outfit and her new front teeth

and Miss Bracyie with that giant bow.
She and aunt Cherry had a nice long conversation, she is up to date on all the family gossip ... lol
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  1. Mmmm, the ribs look yummy. How wonderful to have so many precious babies at one gathering.:-)

  2. Wow---what a wonderful day. Everybody and everything looks happy and healthy. Happy Bday to the birthday girls.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    The ribs looks nice, the party was fun, the babies beautiful... all the ingredients for a perfect afternoon!


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