It's a marvelous Monday

Here's a few pictures from the weekend. The collages are from Savannah's Secret gardens ( click on a picture to enlarge ) which has way to many beautiful things ... a girl could go broke in a place like this ..

I am madly in love with the double butterfly piece, the really cool umbrellas and Beth's cute new shoes.

That's Beth on the deck holding a ZeeZee Plant which I have never seen before it's pretty cool looking ..

Most of the plants were covered because we had freezing weather again so we didn't walk around outside guess we'll just have to go back won't we ... lol

Thank you Beth for a wonderful day love ya bunches !!

Sunday morning I needed baked goods badly!! I have been craving cupcakes & oatmeal cookies so I decide it was time to bake something before I hit a Bakery and do some major damage ..

Here's what I came up with we'll call it a breakfast bar it has applesauce, bananas, oatmeal, fresh coconut, flax seeds, walnuts and dried cranberries no butter or oil used egg white's a little flour, brown sugar, cinnamon & fresh nutmeg. With a little tweaking I think these could become a staple in this house yummy indeed ..

and last .. we got to play in the yard !! Woohoo finally a day outside cleaning up.

I always feel like a new girl after a day in the yard. Nothing like hard work and the promise of new things to come to make your troubles melt away !

COME on spring quit teasing us this girl is ready to get outside and play !
Oh yeah one more thing .... I have added the Georgia friends logo to my sidebar there are some really beautiful blogs listed so go check them out. A big thank you to Miss Susan from A Southern daydreamers for putting this list together for us it will be fun watching it grow.

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  1. I would not be safe in that shop at all. What wonderful and different things. I just love the cobalt blue pots and glass items.

  2. Wow! So many goodies! I would be in heaven. If I get down to Savannah this year, I'll have to find the place!

    Your breakfast bar sounds so yummy, too!


  3. I really want that double butterfly thing on my walls. So cool! And yummy looking breakfast bars, especially if they have coconut inside. Always delicious!

  4. I love the things you do! I love coming to your blog! I want to come to Savannah one day as you make it sound wonderful! Love the collage pictures.


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