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Miss Bren I wish I could remember the name of these beautiful flowers. I had them a few years ago and they were wonderful. I have never found them again but you can bet if I do I will try to save some seeds. update ~ Cape Town, Felicitas Azure Blue

looks like Google has given us the new Friends connect gadget but mine isn't working properly.

Did ya'll have to do anything to get started ? Gardness I know you were looking into this and yours seem to be working mine is missing words ???

Let's make this a beautiful day
hugs, Cherry

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  1. The flowers are so pretty; really look good with the watering can in the scene!

  2. Cherry, I love the colour of these and the flowers look larger than Brachycome or Felicia both of which I have grown.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  3. that blue daisy looks like a
    Kalimeris Incisa, or known as a
    cut leaf Japanese Asters. I have seen that Blue Daisy before, sure
    is pretty.

  4. It looks like felicia to me. I just planted some.

  5. Cherry, that is a great picture of a great scene. The fact that it is real makes it that much better. Love the watering can in the picture.

  6. LOVE the photo from today on your blog. It is cold and raining up here in Ohio. I can't wait till we have some pretty BLUES blooming.
    Thanks for being a garden friend. You bring sunshine to my day.

  7. What a pretty color!!
    Can't wait to get started in my own garden soon.

  8. Hi Cherry,
    Its so nice to meet you!
    Thank you for stopping by my bog!

    I love your blog..... It renews my faith that spring will be here in Michigan soon!
    Your garden pictures are a ray of sunshine!
    So beautiful!

    Thinking warm thoughts,
    Hugz, Dolly
    {knee deep in snow}

  9. Hi Cherry, these are the same flowers from your blog header! You've just GOT to be able to find more:) I hope you've gotten the info. you requested...so many people's heads together can make up one brain;)
    They are gorgeous blooms!

    Have a great Sunday, in SNOW! We have snow here in the DC area too. Mother Nature has lost her mind!

  10. What an awesome picture with the watering can--you know I love it. I might know what your flower is but I have to go get the name--brb.

  11. Hi! Felicitas Azure Blue, by Proven Winners--;) There is also one called Cape Town.

  12. I love the picture of your garden with the watering can. It's so charming.


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