all the pretties are gone !

It has been record setting cold this week so all the pretties are gone.

Normally we don't see this type of cold till January my only hope is it did as much damage to the mosquitoes. They have been really bad this year.

The picture of the Turks Turban with the blueberry center is old. We won't be seeing those beautiful centers this year.
Oh well time to start dreaming about next spring .. lol
I wish each of you a wonderful weekend I'm off for another fun filled day with girlfriends .

Christmas in the South
a craft show that comes to town every year is here this weekend and today is our day to go see & taste all the goodies.
Happy Friday ya'll


  1. We are just seeing the first of winter here; it's sad to watch the plants melt away. I'm grabbing the seed catalogs and planning for next year! I see you are on Blotanical, I will look you up there!

  2. We had a light dusting of snow here this morning. It does seem like an early winter...and just a week ago, it was near 80 degrees and gorgeous!


  3. Yes, I suppose one advantage to the cold is that it kills the mosquitoes!

  4. Did you say a show...any pictures?
    28 degrees here right now at 5:45 am. Don't mind as long as it's not windy.

  5. That Turk's Turban is so pretty! What a shame you won't get to enjoy it this year.

  6. I have been dreaming about next spring for weeks allready. It is only six months away :))

  7. I think we've all been shocked by the 'cold snap' ... so, stay warm and happy shoppin', Toots!

  8. If you interested in a winter meme come visit me or Shady for more info. It's called "Summer 2008 Inspiration",each month you do a different post.
    It's all about giving thanks and having fun.


  9. After the Christmas season, I really look forward to all those garden catalogs in the mail! It sure did get too cold, too quick! Have fun shopping!


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